Platforms: XBOX 1/PC

Game Supports: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese text.

Audio Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

Supports 1p offline and 1-2p online co-op.

Played in Spanish.


Story: The citizens of The Lost, California have 72 hours to get out of the zombie infested city before its nuked.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is okay it has a serious tone like the previous Dead Rising games since it is a zombie apocalypse story, but you’ll run into characters that are so weird and there are funny parts. To Dead Rising 3 the story is not the most important thing to game, instead it’s the gameplay that matters. The plot is just there to make you do stuff. 0KAY!

Note that DR3 takes 10 years after DR2.

Graphics: DR3 shares the same visual style as the previous games meaning it has a realistic visual style and it looks really good. However, there are a few moments where the textures load.

Audio: There is some music in this game that is okay and the Spanish voice acting is really good, but at times the volume drops to where I problems hearing what the characters are saying even when increasing the volume on the TV. Note at the time of this review the XBOX 1 only supports 6 languages which are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The other languages that DR3 supports are not available yet so I’m not sure if the game includes voice acting done in those languages, so I will update when those languages are available.


Gameplay and Features:

Good: Dead Rising 3 is a open-world beat-em up where you play Nick Ramos a mechanic who can make pretty much anything and if playing the game in co-op then he is joined by none other than Fatal Fury’s very own Terry Bogard! Terry is a trucker in the game, but he changed the color of his clothes, is now probably over 30, lost so muscle, and doesn’t have his signature moves from his fighting game since that would make him too good. And he calls himself Dick.

So in DR3 you will be going around the city killing zombies with whatever you can find like a chair, a car, a teddy bear, a gun, a tire, a sword, a hand(literally), and so much more. The good thing about the items you pick is that they can be combined to make new weapons or vehicles as long as you have the blue print which are scattered around the city, however, don’t get too attach to 1 item cause overtime it will break. You can jump, dodge, sprint, and go hand to hand on the zombies. There are also upgrades available for your stats and skills. There are main and side missions, costumes, and boss fights. Note if you have the rumble feature on then the controller will rumble when you’re running out of ammo and when your vehicle is about to explode.

Bad: I don’t like the dodge button being on the LSB. The camera is crazy as it can make things hard to see. Picking up the items you want can be a pain when close to other items you don’t want. The loading takes too long and the last missions is stupid.

Overall: DR3 is 1 weird game due to fact that the gameplay doesn’t take itself serious at all since you can use whatever you want and some of combinations in both weapons and vehicles are so weird and out of place in zombie apocalypse. It also has references to other Capcom games like Street Fighter, Rockman(since this franchise was created by the same guy.), and others. It has its issues, but the game is so fun. I have played DR1 and I consider that game to be terrible, I played a bit of Case 0 and it was okay, but DR3 just somehow is able to pull me in and have fun. DR3 is the best retail XBOX 1 game in terms of exclusives with Ryse coming in 2nd place. This is a must have to all XBOX 1 owners.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, voices.

Dislikes: Dodge button, picking items being a problem, audio volume drops, last mission, loading, and camera.

Wishlist: Sequel, dodge mapped to another button, fix picking up items, better camera, faster loading, better last mission.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Dead Rising, Capcom, Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Biohazard.








Platforms: XBOX 360/XBOX/PC

Game Supports: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Italian, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, & Italian.

Supports 1-2p offline/online coop, 1-4p offline multiplayer/2-16p online.

Played in Japanese.


Story: The Covenant have destroyed the planet Reach and are aiming to destroy Earth next. So they created the Halo a weapon which can destroy whatever the Covenant want, so to make sure that doesn’t happen Captain Jacob entrust Cortana to make sure the awakened super soldier Master Chief puts a stop to the Covenant and to ensure the safety of humanity in his hands.

Good or Bad Story: The story starts really slow, but half-way through the game it gets better as the story starts to pick up a lot more. The thing is I found the story to be overshadowed by the game’s gameplay. The story ends up being entertaining even though Chief doesn’t interact a lot with others and have conversations, he just takes orders and does all the fighting while everyone else is on vacation. G00D!

Graphics: Halo CEA runs on the Reach engine and it allows the visuals to have more detailed textures and better effects as well as better graphics than the original. The game looks good, but it doesn’t look better than Halo3-4. The visuals are at the same quality as the 360 launch titles, but in a way it also looks like it could run on the original XBOX(not a bad thing if it could). And finally 1 cool feature is the ability to switch between the remake and original visuals all through a press of the back button bringing that nostalgic feeling back(even the remade visuals give off a nostalgic feeling).

Audio: Halo CEA contains the original themes and remastered versions of the original themes with both being really good. The voice acting in Japanese is superb although you won’t hear Chief talk a lot, he barely does.  What’s weird is Halo CEA on 360 is the only Halo game on the 360 that contains multiple audio options in all regions where you can buy the game since the other Halo’s do have multiple audio options, but you have to buy them in specific regions to hear the character(s) speak other languages. For example if you want to play Halo 4 with Japanese audio then you will have to buy the Japanese version otherwise the USA version will only contain the Japanese text. I would like to see the other dubs be included in all regions in future Halo games.

Gameplay and features:

Good: Halo CEA is a sci-fi fps with an almost open world like world. As Master Chief you will be gunning down, tbagging, grenade throwing, punching and car crashing the Covenant(or your AI friends) all day long. You have at your disposal human and Covenant weapons(can only carry 2 weapons at a time and can switch weapons with Ai teammates) as well as 2 types grenades a sticky and a time sensitive 1. You can go at it alone or with a friend(offline/online) in story mode(note both players will be Master Chief, but with different colors). Halo contains different types of vehicles, some are for land and others are for flying and some vehicles allow for more than 1 person to be on it. The controls for both Chief and the vehicles are responsive and tight.

The game’s levels are big and allow for more than 1 way to get to some main objectives like your enemies could be in cave and the cave has 3 ways to get in so you can pick which way to get in and surprise them from nowhere. If you explore around the levels you can find, skulls(can alter the game in your favor or not in your favor), health packs(Chief can recover health units with these) , terminals(new to the remake these give you insight on the history of the Halo universe and things that could come in the future), and orbs(red for armor and blue for camouflage).

There are some cool feature to some of the mechanics like when crouching if you move the LS stick a bit then Chief will walk, but if you push the LS stick/dpad all the way forward then Chief will stand up and walk like normal, but if you stop he will crouch again a very nice feature indeed. Chief has 2 ways of recovering, he can recover health when he’s not taking damage and the health packs can recover his health units that he lost so he can recover faster. The Ai for the Covenant is good as depending on their class they will run away, dodge, or rush at you. And the last good feature is the ability to select levels.

Bad: The frame rate does drop a bit at times. And the PC version does not include coop only the console versions.

Questionable: The Ai for your teammates is odd when their on a vehicle. For some reason if you want to say use the turret or be on the passenger seat as soon as you press the button to interact they leave the vehicle and instead of getting in on another part of the vehicle they will go back to the beginning of the level. I find it strange that they will just leave you, but the funny thing is if you get in the driver’s seat then they will return to the vehicle. None of that makes sense. The good thing though their barely with you.

Overall: Halo CEA is a really good game that gives off that nostalgic feeling and it can be enjoyed with friends. It has good story that starts slow, but gets better half-way. Having the ability to switch between the new and old visuals is a plus. The gameplay is so satisfying that it will makes you want to play more of it and find everything that you may have missed. It has some minor issues with the frame rate and a shame that the PC version doesn’t have coop, but it is so fun it’s definitely a must have. And it has a really cool looking character.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay, story.

Dislikes: Frame drops and no coop for PC version.

Wishlist: Multiple audio options in all versions of Halo in all regions.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Halo, Bungie, Microsoft, shooters, Conduit, sci-fi, action, adventure, coop, Aliens, 343.



                                      DARKNOVAFORCE REVIEWZ

                                                RYSE SON OF ROME


Platforms: XBOX 1

Game Supports: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English text.

Audio Support: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

Supports 1p offline and 1-2p online co-op

Played in Italian.


Story: Marius is on the road to avenge the death of his parents and will punish those responsible. Will he get his revenge or will he die trying?

Good or Bad Story?: The story is predictable and if you know anything about the Roman Empire than you will know what happens at the end, but either way it’s entertaining to see it play out. G00D!

Graphics: Ryse is a XBOX 1 launch title and oh my god it looks beautiful!  It’s beautiful because it’s made by Crytek. Crytek makes their games to push the limits of the consoles they run on and Ryse is no exception. Ryse is pretty much the best looking game on the XBOX 1 and probably the best looking game of this year that I have played. Oh and Ron Jeremy is in the game as a Barbarian.

Audio: Music is nice and captures the feel of battle. The Italian voice acting is really good and I had to play it in Italian cause Rome is in Italy.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Ryse is a 3rd person action adventure beat em up where you will fight lots of enemies and in some cases fight a boss at the end. As Marius you will use you cut down foes with your dagger in hand either by just pounding on them(with your dagger and shield) or using executions(must match the glowing color with right button to gain points) which will give you more xp and refill your health or fury. There are perks(story only) in the game that can be accessed by using the dpad and these can help you in battle, as there 4 perks that you can use:

 1. health regain(must use execution)

 2. more xp

 3. damage boost

4. fury regain

          You can use Fury to slow time and be invincible(for a bit) to deal free hits on your foes, but be warn as Fury doesn’t work on bosses. Marius can also sprint, dodge, command(at certain points) his troops, upgrade skills, destroy vases(he should be ashamed for destroying property), throw spears, pick up something’s like scrolls to unlock stuff, look at things that are a point of interest, and parry attacks thrown at him(this is what you will use to survive fights). The game also has a level select with a total of 8 levels, it has 1 QTE, but I won’t say where it is.

          A nice thing about Ryse is it has 2 game modes, a story mode where you play Marius and a co-op arena mode where you can play by yourself or with a friend online and fight in a Roman Arena against the barbarians ranks. Arena mode follows the core gameplay of the story mode, but instead of playing the hero you play a warrior who wants to be the best of the best(no not CM PUNK). You have lots of arenas to choose from, you also can unlock costumes(arena mode only), customize your warrior(must level up), you can create a lobby, use items(area mode only), and worship a god which will give you certain stats like a health boost or a damage boost. I played the arena and I got to say it is fun as well as a good way to keep playing the game if you ever get tired or want to take a break from playing story mode.  

Bad: The load times take like 10 seconds or more to load the levels(only when selecting or resuming the game the next day). You can’t go back only forward in all areas in the game once you reach a certain points in the levels, so if you missed a scroll then you will have to restart the level just to go pick it up. Your teammates in the story mode at 1 point don’t notice enemies that have not been eliminated. There is no reset camera button so anytime you don’t see something in a fight you will have to manually move the camera to see around in fights.

Overall: Ryse Son of Rome is a really good beat em up and is the best looking game on the XBOX 1. It has load time, camera, and ai friends issues, but it ends being fun in the end. These types of games that are beat em ups like Ryse are barely made and it’s good to see this type of genre be available on the console at launch and hopefully more down the road.   While big journalist sites like ign and Rev3 games don’t appreciate games like Ryse because it’s not like modern action games that have these flashy moves like DMC and MGR or being like dungeon crawling games like Zelda since its a beat em up which is an old school arcade type of action games they can’t like it. But Ryse is a good example of an action that doesn’t try to be like a Bayonetta or a Zelda and still be fun.

          If you have an XBOX 1 I definitely recommend Ryse if you want to play something that is old school in terms of genre and something that is not a fps.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay, and story.

Dislikes: No reset camera button, load times, and ai friends.

Wishlist: Faster load times, a reset camera button, Ai friends able to notice all enemies that have not been eliminated.

Score: 4.5/5 THIS IS SPARTA!

Recommended for fans of: Crytek, Final Fight, beat em ups, Black Tiger, Madworld, No more heroes, adventure, Max Anarchy, 300. 






Platforms: XBOX 360/PS1/PS3/VITA

Game Supports: Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English text.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p only.


Story: Someone is trying to resurrect Lord Dracula, its up to you to find out who and why?

G00D or Bad Story?: The story is okay and there are multiple endings, however; you won’t hear much about the story in the game. The reason is cause the game is focusing more on the game play. 0KAY!

Graphics: The game looks good in HD and the game offers you options to change the screen size and graphic filters.

Audio: The music is some best I ever heard. The voice acting is cheesy, but good even though the actors seem to be trying really hard to get the voices of each character right.

Game play and Features:

G00D: CSOTN is a 2d action-adventure game that has 2 playable characters with different fighting styles who will explore Dracula’s Castle and fight monsters to get to the main villain. You can tbag, explore, solve puzzles(not actual puzzles), pick items, and buy items. The puzzles in the game are more like figuring out how to reach a certain parts of the castle. Items are obtained by fighting monsters and destroying certain objects, but you can also get these items by going to the merchant and buying them. Some of the items will help you in battle while the others will help your stats. The game also has rpg elements meaning you can level up your level, hp, mp, and hearts. Hearts are required to use your sub-weapons, you can pick up different sub-weapons, however; you can only carry 1 sub-weapon at a time. The game also includes a map, upgrades for both characters, save stations, secrets, bosses, and control config.

Alucard and Richter are the playable characters, both will traverse the castle differently and will fight some different enemies.

Alucard can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has magic(done by doing fighting game motions.), can moonwalk, gain upgrades,  and use 2 weapons at once.

Richter can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has a slide, back flip, special attack, and gain upgrades.

Bad: The only thing that can be considered bad is you can’t sell every item you acquire, however; you can move the items around.

Overall: CSOTN is a really good game, nuff said. If you’re a fan of games that allow you to explore dungeons then you need to try this game. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, and game play.

Dislikes: Can’t sell some items(not a big deal).

Wish list: All items should have resell value, another Castlevania game like CSOTN.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, Castlevania, Konami, side-scrollers, Metroid, Vampires, Monsters, and Horror.






Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English & Japanese.

Played in Japanese.

Support 1-2 local versus.

Story: Skillful warriors are out to obtain Soul Edge in order to save their homes, use it for evil, or whatever they want to do with it.

Good or Bad Story?: The game has 2 story modes. 1 is playing arcade mode with each character to fight their rival to fight the boss and get an ending of what the fighters do when they get the sword. The second is playing Weapon Master where the character you select must complete missions to get closer to obtain Soul Edge. Of the 2 Weapon Master is the most interesting cause it gives a well written story of your characters journey through both the main story and sub missions. GOOD!

Graphics: This game came out in 2003 on all major platforms and was a really good looking game, but how does the graphics compare today? The game actually still looks really good even when sequels have been made for the franchise. From the characters to the menus and to the environments nothing looks dated which impresses me.

Audio: The game includes both Japanese and English voice acting. All the characters that speak can be set to both languages, but would have liked more language option and yes both Spawn and Heihachi speak Japanese and English. I prefer the Japanese audio as the English voices are mostly cheesy for the characters. The music for each stage is some of the best in a fighting game to date and the character select screen has 1 of the best themes ever.

Game play:

Good: Soulcaliber 2 is a weapon based 3d fighter that is simple to learn but hard to master. You can slash, kick, guard, parry, sidestep, get thrown out of the arenas, push enemies in to the walls, jump, throw, launch enemies in the air, combo, and T-bag. Some arenas allow for both ring outs and pushing your opponent to a the wall for extra damage, while some have hazards like strong wind and stepping at sides that can cause damage. The combat includes a combo system similar to Tekken where attacks connect to form a combo like A A B equals a new move, also there are some moves that require motion inputs like Street Fighter and you can give your character a boost in power with the soul charge. Now this game has plenty of modes for play including, arcade, team battle, survival, time attack, training, weapon master, versus, and extra versions of almost all the game modes except weapon master. Through playing you can unlock new content mostly by playing weapon master where you get points for each fight completed, you can unlock costumes, characters, new weapons, more modes, battle theaters, stages, and art. The weapons you get will change the characters balance like guard and attack also these weapons are meant for the new modes you unlock which are the extra versions of existing modes. And in Weapon Master some levels have a certain challenge that you must complete to move on and can unlock some items for free if completed which will raising your level and depending on the level things can be unlocked.

Bad: Besides the English voices the game doesn’t support widescreen on the Xbox version so when playing on a HDTV the game will be in 4:3 it’s not a big issue as I got used to it.

Difference: The console versions include more modes, 5 new characters(Necrid, Lizard man, Assassin, Berserker, and 1 guest star for each console), and a additional story mode not found in the arcade version.

Overall: Soulcaliber 2 is a fighter that offer a lot content compared to today’s fighters and would like a rerelease. This is my favorite and what I consider to be the best game in the Soulcaliber series. The only issues which are minor are no widescreen for Xbox and the English voices.

Likes: Graphics, story, unlocks, music, game play, Japanese voices, modes, stage hazards.

Dislikes: English voices, no widescreen.

Wish list: rerelease with online play and widescreen, additional voice options.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended to fans of: fighters, soulcaliber, Namco, Spawn, Zelda, Tekken.