Game Supports: Russian, Polski, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and English text.

Audio Support: Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and English.

Played in Portuguese.

Supports 1-2 local versus and 1-8 online versus.

Story: What would happen if the world’s greatest heroes become its greatest enemies?

Good or Bad Story?: The story is very similar to a certain episode of Justice League and feels like it is a lost episode of the TV show. While fighting games don’t tend to focus on stories this does have a lot of focus on its story and it answers everything like: Why can Batman survive Superman’s Super? GOOD!

Graphics: The game looks like an Xbox 1 game even thought its looks good I would have liked if the game had a different visual style.

Audio: The Portuguese voice acting is very good which includes actors from the Justice League TV show and movies. The game has music for each stage you fight in, but it’s not noticeable which is not good. Would have liked if they include the last dub for the game which is the Japanese dub.

Game play:

Good: The game is a 2.5D fighter where you can punch, kick, throw, jump, crouch, combo, use special moves, wake up, push block, block, ex moves, supers, combo break, and use the environment. You can select any character you like from the roster including Bruce Willis, Chyna, Kane, The Smoker, Robin Hood, and others. Injustice includes a great tutorial that can get you adjusted to the game’s mechanics. The game’s combo system is that of MK9’s where pressing certain buttons give you a combo and so is the super for each character by pressing the triggers. Each character has a certain ability like changing fighting styles or using a gadget. The environments play a huge role in combat as you can toss objects to your opponent or toss them to the objects in the background and if you can get your opponent to the corner and hit them with a back heavy attack then you will activate the stage transition, this will send your opponent to another stage while causing damage. Another great thing is the ability to use a combo breaker called wager, this will only work once you lose 1 life and if you use it then you and your opponent can bet meter to either gain health, do damage, or clash, but the 1 who uses the most meter will win. Injustice also has a good selection of modes for offline play which include arcade(many options included), local versus, training, story, tutorial, and Stars lab(mini-games and challenges). Also there is online play which includes versus(rank and player match), lobbies, king of the hill, and survivor. And you have the option to use either MK motion inputs or SF inputs and you can unlock costumes, art work, challenges, endings, and music.

Bad: Cancelling normals to specials has very strict timing so you have to be quick or it won’t work. Another thing is the motions for special moves performed during combos, when you do a combo and input the motion for a special move the game will give you the wrong move cause it will think the button that was pressed before is the same button for the special move like doing this l,l,m,v,>,h will become this l,l,m,v,>m. Injustice is 6 button fighter that uses light, medium, heavy, character trait, meter, and stance buttons; however, the stance button is useless and should have not been included. ¬†And for online the net code is not great as it has input delays, there is also no option to rematch online, you can’t see your opponent’s connection bar(unless you play survivor), you can’t decide not to fight certain players, no search options, and if your opponent rage quits then it counts as a lose for you and if you try to exit the character select screen online then it counts as a lost to you.

Overall: Injustice ended up being a fighter that I like. It also has the best story in a fighting game and plenty of offline options to choose along with online and will have dlc characters 1 of them being the Undertaker, but the net code needs improvements along with other things. This is a must have fighting game for 2013.

Likes: Graphics, game play, voices, single player content, online content, unlocks, tutorial, story.

Dislikes: Precise timing for normals to specials, music, net code, stance button, no rematch for online, penalty for the non-rage quitter, can’t decide to not fight certain players, no search options.

Wish list: Japanese dub, better net code, search options, better music, no stance button, penalty for rage quitters, decide who you can fight.

Score: 4/5 GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Fighters, DC, Nether realm, super heroes, Time Warner.