Platforms: 3DS/PS3/XBOX 360/PC

Game Supports: English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1p.

Story: Simon Belmont is seeking revenge for the death of his parents. Alucard wants to stop Dracula. And Trevor Belmont is seeking revenge for the death of his mother.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is not bad except the order their told is not in order. Like Trevor comes first, but is last 1 that is told, Simon’s story comes so many years later, and Alucard takes place at same time as Simon’s and Alucard’s story has the same cutscenes as Simon’s except a few. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics on the 360 version look good since it’s a high-res version of 3DS original, but it could have used a bit more polish. The cutscenes for the most part are pre-rendered and they look better and are cell-shaded. And for some reason there is some freezing in the cutscenes.

Audio: The music is not bad and the voice acting is really good, but I wish there were other dubs cause since this game was made in Spain, why didn’t Konami allow a Spanish dub at least?

Gameplay and Features:

Good:  Mirrors of Fate goes back to the roots of Castlevania, so this is a 2.5D action adventure game. In this game the main focus is exploring and fighting so you can backtrack at anytime you want, but you will at times have to backtrack. You play 4 characters which are Gabriel Belmont the hero from LOS1 and you play only in the 1st level, after him you play Simon Belmont, then Alucard, and then Trevor Belmont. All 4 have combos(using light and heavy attacks), a map, a parry, executions(enemy must be glowing white) and the same mobility, but that is where it ends as when you start playing with Simon and the other 2 you’ll be leveling up, acquire magic(each have 2), doing platforming, solve puzzles(Alucard and Trevor only), acquire sub-weapons, using heal/magic fountains to replenish, and fight bosses(3 each).

The game has a level select, a boss rush mode, 4 difficulties that can alter your experience, and movie browser.

Bad: You have a air dash and a dodge, but they are mostly useless for example if you have 1 enemy behind you and another in front of you, then your dodge will not allow you to avoid attacks unless they are far, you can use your air dash, but it doesn’t make you go very far. So pretty much its crap, all the characters play the same so there is no variety except the magic/sub-weapons/some upgrades, and 1 last thing is there are no items available for you to use in combat so if you fight a boss you have to make sure that your health is full.

Overall: Castlevania LOS Mirrors of Fate is a good game, but it also disappointed me besides the dodge/dash it starts fun, but when I played Alucard the fun stopped with him, but became fun again with Trevor. The thing is all 4 characters play exactly the same except the magic, sub-weapons, and anything else certain characters might acquire. Story pretty much tells you why they all play the same, but it doesn’t make it that great since when having more than 1 playable character the multiple characters in a action game shouldn’t feel the same, they should have their own styles of fighting. Another thing to add is the game feels like parts of a bigger game that it could have been, so what I’m saying it feels like half a game. But even with that the main reason to play this game is for the story and boss fights especially the final battle that Trevor has its awesome. Now I just hope that LOS2 ends being a lot more fun.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, story, gameplay.

Dislikes: Dodge, dash, no items.

Wishlist: Items, better dodge and dash, more dubs.

Score: 4/5 LIVE!

Recommended for fans of: Castlevania, Konami, Mercurysteam,  God of War, Dante’s Inferno, action, adventure, vampires, whips, Hellsing, Van Hellsing.







Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Learn how Jetstream Sam joined Desperado.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is not bad, its serious and Sam will at times throw some remarks to make you laugh a bit. But I would have preferred this be an origin story of how he became Jetstream. G00D!

Graphics: It looks just like the main game since you go through the same levels. Besides that there is nothing new that will blow you away.

Audio: The music is epic and awesome, nuff said. The voice acting is good with Sam and other returning characters being voiced by the same actors from the main story.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Jetstream Sam DLC follows the same core mechanics as the main game, so you have combos done by mixing light and heavy attacks, parries, lock on, sub-weapons, items, vr missions, dodge, jump, dash, stealth, boss fights(3 and their bosses that Raiden fights), and blade mode. But Sam also has things that Raiden and Blade Wolf don’t have like an air dash, double jump, a chargeable heavy attack, and a taunt that will enrage enemies. Beyond that there is not much else to say about the DLC, but except this of all the 3 playable characters in Rising, Sam is the most difficult character to play.

Bad: The camera is once again a problem in fights as it moves around too much and it also positions itself in certain parts when fighting. And do to Sam fighting like a samurai, he won’t stealth kill anyone.

Overall: Jetstream Sam DLC is not bad, better than Blade Wolf’s DLC, but it doesn’t capture the same awesomeness that you get when playing Raiden. I really wished this was an origin story of how he became the person he is now. So if you want more action for MGR than give Sam a chance.

And on a side note Sam’s DLC cost more than Wolf’s DLC when both are the same length and I don’t know why is that?

Likes: Graphics, Story, gameplay, music, voices.

Dislikes: No stealth kill, camera.

Wishlist: Better camera, stealth kills.

Score: 4/5 G00D BUB!

Recommended for fans of: Action, MG, DMC, Konami, Platinum, Wolverine, Samurais.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English text.

Supports 1p.


Story: Sparkster is doing some yard work when all of a sudden a airship which containing wolfs attack his home, seeing this Sparkster goes inside his home to get his gear to became ROCKET KNIGHT. Now he is the only hope his people have, can he stop the villains or will they lay the smack down on him?

Good or Bad Story: The story is not bad, but it’s mostly overshadowed by the game play. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are great, the characters have a cartoony look to them, but the menus could do without that bright orange. And  because of the menus being bright orange depending on what language you have the menus on it can be hard to see the text.

Audio: The music is good and its has a heroic feel.

Game play and Features:

Good: Rocket Knight is a action-adventure plat former where you can fly, jump, slash, shoot, solve puzzles, and tbag. You can fly at anytime as long as you have rocket fuel, you can jump and after a jump you can use some fuel to hover for a few seconds. You can hang from ceilings and from there you can attack and fly. Sparkster can use his sword to land a hit on enemies as well as reflect some projectiles. He also has a gun for range attacks and using some fuel allows him to use more powerful attack with both weapons. All of his attacks will fill up his combo meter.

There are levels where your grounded and there are some that take place in the sky. In the sky levels you have speed boost, slash/shoot attack, and charge attacks. When taking damage you need to find heart tokens and you can find Sparkster tokens to gain extra lives. Rubies are available to build up your score. All loading screens contain hints, the game also gives 2 modes of play arcade and free play(level select), there will be boss fights, and unlock able costumes.

Bad: Your shots are only medium range and cause of that the gun feels worthless unless you use to solve some puzzles. There is no options to upgrade your character’s stats which would have been helpful.

Overall: Rocket Knight is fun and enjoyable on all levels, however; with the gun not being great for fighting and the bright orange menu making certain text be unreadable, it has some work that needs to be fixed in future entries in the series.

Likes: Graphics, music, game play, and unlocks.

Dislikes: Orange menus and gun.

Wish list: Upgrades and better menu color.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, plat formers, Rocket Knight, Konami, Climax.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC

Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Support 1p.


Story: Blade Wolf recalls his memories of his past before he met Raiden and trying to find if he could have freedom.

Good or Bad Story: The story does a good job of telling Blade Wolf’s live of what he had to deal with and how he came to be the dog he is now. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are really good using the same style as the main game showing nice details of the environment and characters.

Audio: The voice acting is superb, but would have still liked if they included the Japanese voices and other dubs. The music is epic especially on the ending.

Game play and Features:

Good: Blade Wolf’s controls are the same as Raiden so there is no need to learn a new control scheme, however; Blade plays different due to his size and shape. He uses light and heavy attack to do combos, he can also use his dash to attack, he has a dodge as well as a parry(an easier 1), he also has Raiden’s visor that allows him to see through things.  Wolf will do a bit of plat forming and he can do his missions by using force or stealth with stealth being his specialty and he can collect items(some can be equipped), destroy some objects, do vr missions, and lay down. Also he has a boss fight. And….BLADE MODE.

Bad: The parry is still forward and light attack when it should be mapped to a button since at times Wolf may parry when you don’t want too. The camera is a pain in the ass as the controls for it fight against you since it wants you to see what “it” wants. There are no upgrades and while you can use force the game pretty much punishes you for using force as Blade Wolf has a hard time dealing with more than 1 character in a fight, so the game insist that you use stealth instead. Since you should use stealth the game should have had some upgrades available.

Overall: Blade Wolf’s adventure is more geared to traditional MG so if you’re a fan of stealth than this dlc is for you, but if you’re looking for more action than Sam’s dlc is for you. On side note this dlc should have been an unlock able for Rising than be a download.

Likes: Game play, graphics, voices, music, and story.

Dislikes: Having to be punished for using force, no upgrades, and camera.

Wish list: Better camera, upgrades, allow for equal use of force and stealth, and other dubs.

Score: 4/5 G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Metal Gear, stealth, Splinter Cell, Konami, Platinum Games, dogs.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Story: Taking place after MGS4, Raiden is on a mission to protect Obama’s dad in Africa, but ends up failing the mission and loses an arm and eye. Then later he gets a new body that he will you use to fight those responsible for the death of Obama’s dad and try to uncover their motives.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is serious at times and it’s also cheesy.  It gives it the quality of a action movie when watching those cut scenes(those with fights in them). But the Cutscenes aren’t the only way to get more story through the game, at anytime during game play you can talk with Raiden’s friends who give you more Intel on the story and back story of characters in the game. GOOD!

Graphics: Running on the same engine as every other Platinum game, MGR looks very good when playing and when watching the cutscenes. It is also the best looking game running on their engine.

Audio: Good dialog, voice acting, and the best part the music which is 1 of the best ever put in a action game. Would have liked if they included the Japanese voices since it exist.

Game play:

Good: This game has some of the best combat ever, you start a badass and can be become more badass by leveling up Raiden in many categories. The combat is very similar to Ninja blade and in way MGR is the successor to that game, but faster and epic. You can cut about everything in the game except cats cause they are gods, using any attack and blade mode which slows time can reveal an enemies weak spot and attacking that weak spot can give Raiden health and refill the energy for blade mode. There is also stealth in this game and it’s implemented well although you don’t have to use it if you don’t want. And some of the best fights(including bosses) ever in a action game. Note if you go to the customize menu after destroying objects in the game in each level, after you exit customize menu it will reset the objects.

Bad: The camera has issues when there are many enemies on screen causing it to not keep track of Raiden. The lock-on could be better if it could stay locked on a enemy when getting hit at times. Parrying in this game is mapped to the light attack and to perform this function you must move the left stick in a direction when pressing the light attack button to parry, but this causes an issue where Raiden may just do an attack when trying to parry, it should have been mapped to a different button. There are some minor issues as well, at times destroyable objects that you cut disappear when you try to slice it more. And the frame rate dropped a bit in a fight.

Note if you bought the MGS4 Raiden suit to use it in the game you must pay with battle points just to use it so its 2 payments.

Overall: This is another really good game of 2013 even with its issues this is the second game to refresh my excitement in video games. A must have game of 2013.

Likes: game play, music, story, voice acting, graphics.

Major Dislikes: camera, lock-on, parry button is the same button as the light attack button.

Minor dislikes: objects disappear, frame rate.

Wish list: Sequel, better lock-on, better camera, parry button, and more voice audio options.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, MG, ninjas, tmnt, transformers, GI Joe, DMC, Konami, Platinum.