I’m going to share my thoughts on MS conference. Last year they had a really good conference since the 1s before sucked(the 1s I watched anyway) and the better line up of games, now let me see if they did a good job or if they disappointed.

Note they could have an impressive line-up overall, but I’m going to look at what interest me and what doesn’t.

Also note that this is my impressions so don’t complain to me about not being excited for the same games you are excited for cause we all have different taste.


Assassins Creed Unity – I really don’t care for this franchise, so no interest.

Forza Horizon 2 – Don’t care.

Evolve – I had interest, but not anymore since the 1st trailer.

Fantasia – Looks boring.

Dance Central- Not a fan of dancing games.

CODAW – Don’t care about COD.

Fable Legends – Looks more interesting than 3 since that is the only 1 I have played, but I don’t see myself playing this.

Inside – The gameplay shown doesn’t interest me at all.

Witcher 3 – Not interested.

Division – Doesn’t interest me 1 bit.

Crackdown 3 – I only played a bit of 1 and it is interesting. I will likely give it a shot, but not going to buy it.

Spark – Glad its getting new features and Conker.

Dragon Age 3 – Doesn’t interest me 1 bit.


They showed some ID@XBOX games so let’s see what interest me and what doesn’t.


Aztez – Graphics reminds me of Madworld and the gameplay looks really good. I’m going to keep my eye on this 1.

Knight Squad – looks good, but I don’t know yet.

Plague – Confused on how this plays.

White Night – Maybe.

Earthlock – Maybe.

Cuphead – The character has a cup as head and it looks like a classic cartoon. Very interested.

Hyper Light Drifter – Need to see more.

Lifeless Planet – Looks boring.

Slash Dash – Maybe.

Fru – Very interested and it’s a hybrid game.

Lovers in dangerous spacetime – looks good, but not sure.

Might Number 9 – Not a fan of MM except for the Power Battles, but I may give it a shot.

Grave – Maybe

THREES – Not interested.

Fenix Rage – A game that will very likely cause me to get salty. I may give it a shot.

Golfe – looks like some Disney film turned into a game. Maybe. And am surprised that it has nothing to do with golf.

#IDARE – Maybe

Hellraid – Maybe.

Below – Not interested.


Sunset Overdrive – When I saw that trailer I thought it was CODAW, but it wasn’t and the game looks good and seems fun, but only time will tell. Interested.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Very interested.

Phantom Dust 2 – I never played the 1st game, but I’m willing to give this new a shot. Just make sure that the in game character designs don’t look ugly.

DR3 DLC – Some new Dlc for DR looks very interesting and fun.

Halo Master Chief Collection – I’m glad 2 is being remade and I will replay it, although I don’t really care for 3 and 4 even though I like them. 1 being on there is cool, but I really just want to play 2.

Ori and the Blind Forest – Visually reminds me of Dust and the gameplay looks interesting.

Scalebound – From the guy who made DMC, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta, and Wonderful 101 is bringing a new action game and it looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see gameplay.

And finally the 2013 GOTY finally gets some dlc and no I’m not talking about GTA5. I’m talking about KI3. TJ Combo is the 1st character of season 2 that gets announced and we see a tease for Cinder. But The game will get new mechanics as well.


So overall MS had a really good showing even though I may not have interest in every game they showed I will try some of those that I have no interest in and see if I like them. I’m really excited for Halo Master Chief, KI3 Season 2, Fru, Aztez, ROTTR, Scalebound, Ori, and Phantom Dust 2.