Platforms: XBOX 360

Game Supports: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish, and German text.

Audio Support: English, French, Italian(Narrator only), Spanish, and German(Narrator only).

Played in English and Spanish.

Supports 1-2p offline co-op/multiplayer, 2-5p online co-op, 2-10 online multiplayer.


Story: The Locust are back and this time they brought new friends and are aiming to destroy all the cities that still remain. So the Gears must defend their last line of defense Jacinto or they’ll end up losing their home.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is really good for both the main story and the deleted 1. G00D!

Note Gears 2 is a Sequel to Gears 1.

Graphics: Gears 2 came out in 2008 and playing it in 2014 it still holds up very well, but there is a bit of texture loading. It has the visual style as it predecessors, but makes it less grey and a bit more brown.

Audio: The music fits in nicely and the battle cue returns. The English voice acting is really good with the characters that do return are voiced by the same actors from the previous game. The Spanish voices are really good as well except for Carmine’s voice which I don’t like, but the volume drops for some reason at times in Spanish.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: ¬†Gears of War 2 is a 3rd-person shooter where you play Marcus and will always be accompanied by Dom and 1 or 2 more guys. Gears 2 plays like its predecessor so you have the dodge, the cover system that is smoother in 2, shooting, carrying 3 weapons and 1 grenade, the chainsaw gun returns, melee returns, you’ll get to choose some paths at times again, fight 4 bosses, explore, and use the active reload to get a damage boost again to beat the Locust over and over until they give up.

So what’s new in Gears 2? Well you can stick grenades on walls and on enemies. You can execute Locust when they are on their knees or use 1 as a Locust shield. There are new weapons and foes. And there are chainsaw duels!

Bad: ?

Overall: Gears 2 is EPIC FUN TIME! The play is so good I never got tired of killing Locust. In my honest opinion, Gears 2 is the best Gears game even though I said last year Judgment was the best 1, but Judgment is either number 2 or 3. I highly recommend this game as it is 1 of the best games on XBOX. Now maybe I should go to 3?

Likes: Gameplay, graphics, voices, music, story.

Dislikes: Volume drop, texture loading.

Wishlist: Another Gears.

Score: 5/5 EPIC!

Recommended for fans of: Gears, Epic Games, Microsoft, Unreal, Quantum Theory, shooters, People Can Fly, Bulletstorm, Madworld, Binary Domain, Vanquish.