Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PS3

Language Support: Text = English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

Audio = English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.

Game Support: 1p offline, 2p online co-op, and 6p online multiplayer.

Played in Italian.


Story: Alma is pregnant and now her sons Pointman and Fettel must find her to give her a “Proper” baby shower.

Good or Bad Story: The story is interesting as you will find out more about Alma past as well as that of her sons. Everything else that is occurring like the destruction that Alma is causing cause of her being pregnant won’t matter. G00D!

Graphics: The game looks okay, but I don’t like the color scheme that the devs went with which is brown and that color makes some of the levels look boring and not fun to play. There are enemies that look lame except the bosses and some of the soldiers you face later on. Also some parts are too dark to even see. The engine the game runs on is showing its age as some textures on the guns are low res and ironically F.E.A.R 1 looks better than number 3. Oh and for some reason there are pre-rendered graphics in cut-scenes which make no sense when the previous games didn’t have that.

Audio: The Italian voices are really good, but for some reason during the pre-rendered cut-scenes Fettel speaks English when he narrates those scenes when it should be the actor who voices him in Italian and every other language narrating it.


Good: In F.3.A.R you play Pointman once again if you play offline, but if you play the story through co-op then P1 will play Pointman and P2 will play Fettle. As Pointman you shoot stuff, slowdown time, take cover Time Crisis style, send guys to heaven, and slide kick foes while Fettel can posses foes, use his powers to kill foes, and give his brother a shield. Unlike the first game Pointman will not require health pack to heal him, instead he has recoverable health. You fight soldiers and Alma’s demon buddies, but you will have boss fights in each level and the Ai is really good as they can hear you and see your flashlight. And in some levels Pointman can use a mech to destroy everything with ease.

Bad: I don’t like how the controls are mapped and all the alternate control schemes suck as if I like a button being on another button another function is going to be mapped to a button that I don’t want it to be on, they should’ve added the ability to customize the controls. The game can get hard at times on easy mode which makes no sense and this mostly happens on boss fights. And you can’t choose who you want to play as in the Story mode if you offline.

Overall: F.3.A.R is a good game, but it has parts that suck like some of the levels, control schemes, and whatnot. The game is a 1st-person action horror game, but like the 1st game its really an action game. Unlike the 1st game you’re not inside a building, instead you get to walk around town in daylight which is nice. And note that you gain points in this game and those point will determine whose ending you’ll get of the 2 playable characters. And to end this number 3 is a good game that at times makes me not want to play, but it’s good to stick around to get to use the mech.

Likes: Gameplay, story, and audio.

Dislikes: Graphics, control scheme, difficulty, some level, no option to choose who you want to play as offline.

Wishlist: Better graphics, custom controls, adjust difficulty, new game.


Recommended for fans of: F.E.A.R, Monolith, Day 1 Studios, Time Warner, shooters, survival horror, action.







Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/VITA

Game Supports: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Japanese text.

Audio Support: English and Japanese.

Supports: 1p

Played in Japanese and English.


Story: The bad guys hire the Spider clan to steal the demon Statue from the Dragon clan, so they can revive an evil fiend.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good and it’s there to make you keep playing so you can fight that person you see in the next cutscene. G00D!

Graphics: Ninja Gaiden 2 came out on the 360 in 2008 and the first/last time I played was in 2011 and it looked really good, now playing it for the 3rd time in 2014 it still looks good. The environments and the characters all look good.

Audio: The music is really good. The Japanese voice acting is superb and the English voices are really good with Josh Keyton voicing Ryu replacing the actor from the previous game. Also you can change the text and voices in game, but I still wish for more dubs.


Good: In NG2 you once again play Ryu Hayabusa on his quest to stop the revival on an evil fiend. You will once again hack and slash other ninja and fiends, but it’s not going to be easy as the game will punish and make you ragequit at every moment and you will very likely throw your controller at the window in rage. Ryu is equipped with a sword and shuriken, but he will gain new weapons, ninpo(ninja magic), and items(can be found or bought). With your main weapons you have light and heavy attacks as well as a ultimate technique and now a new technique called obliteration which will instantly kill any lower class foe when they lose a limb, but be warned that even if you cut a limb your foes can still fight you even if they lose their head and this makes the ai really good. You have projectile weapons that you can mash the button to do a quick attack or for some you can charge it to unleash more damage. Ryu also has his ninja mobility from the previous game like his wall run, wall jumps, water run, and they have improved. Interact is now its own button and 1st person view is now mapped to a shoulder button.

You can also upgrade main weapons, ninpo, and Ryu’s stats which are all essential to this game. Essence make a return and they function the same, so remember red is for ninpo, yellow is your money, and blue gives you health, and they are obtained the same way. The game also has shops so you can buy stuff and save stations that heal you once, so know when to save and when not to. Also there are challenge missions in each level, but take cautious when doing these as if you lose in the challenges you will have to restart from your last save. Of course you have boss fights that will test you to your limit(as in if you can handle the rage) and they are awesome. The combat fells more fined toned and the camera is no longer in inverted settings. And 1 more thing try to take less damage as now when you take damage part of your health becomes red and the red portion of your health bar stops you from recovering that portion until you use and item, so start mastering that block and dodge.

Bad: The camera once again is bad as it can make things hard to see in a fight. The game has a auto-lock on and that will screw you up a lot especially in boss fights. And the game has no checkpoints except for saving at a save station and losing in a official boss fight.

Overall: Ninja Gaiden 2 plays very well, but it suffers from mostly the same issues that plague the previous game. The issues the game has seems to be on purpose and that is stupid. Its 1 thing having the game give you a challenge, but having issues from the previous game remain unfixed is just plain wrong and cause of this you will lose for all the wrong reasons. But this game is still fun and its 1 of the best action games of all times and it’s the best Ninja Gaiden game I have played yet. Highly recommended.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay, and story.

Dislikes: Camera, auto-lock on, no checkpoints.

Wishlist: All the issues being fixed in a future installment and more dubs.

Score: 4.5/5 GET HYPE, SON!

Recommended for fans of: Action, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, MGRR, Ninja Blade, Tecmo Koei, Team Ninja, Platinum Games, Capcom, Ninjas.





Platforms: 3DS/PS3/XBOX 360/PC

Game Supports: English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1p.

Story: Simon Belmont is seeking revenge for the death of his parents. Alucard wants to stop Dracula. And Trevor Belmont is seeking revenge for the death of his mother.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is not bad except the order their told is not in order. Like Trevor comes first, but is last 1 that is told, Simon’s story comes so many years later, and Alucard takes place at same time as Simon’s and Alucard’s story has the same cutscenes as Simon’s except a few. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics on the 360 version look good since it’s a high-res version of 3DS original, but it could have used a bit more polish. The cutscenes for the most part are pre-rendered and they look better and are cell-shaded. And for some reason there is some freezing in the cutscenes.

Audio: The music is not bad and the voice acting is really good, but I wish there were other dubs cause since this game was made in Spain, why didn’t Konami allow a Spanish dub at least?

Gameplay and Features:

Good:  Mirrors of Fate goes back to the roots of Castlevania, so this is a 2.5D action adventure game. In this game the main focus is exploring and fighting so you can backtrack at anytime you want, but you will at times have to backtrack. You play 4 characters which are Gabriel Belmont the hero from LOS1 and you play only in the 1st level, after him you play Simon Belmont, then Alucard, and then Trevor Belmont. All 4 have combos(using light and heavy attacks), a map, a parry, executions(enemy must be glowing white) and the same mobility, but that is where it ends as when you start playing with Simon and the other 2 you’ll be leveling up, acquire magic(each have 2), doing platforming, solve puzzles(Alucard and Trevor only), acquire sub-weapons, using heal/magic fountains to replenish, and fight bosses(3 each).

The game has a level select, a boss rush mode, 4 difficulties that can alter your experience, and movie browser.

Bad: You have a air dash and a dodge, but they are mostly useless for example if you have 1 enemy behind you and another in front of you, then your dodge will not allow you to avoid attacks unless they are far, you can use your air dash, but it doesn’t make you go very far. So pretty much its crap, all the characters play the same so there is no variety except the magic/sub-weapons/some upgrades, and 1 last thing is there are no items available for you to use in combat so if you fight a boss you have to make sure that your health is full.

Overall: Castlevania LOS Mirrors of Fate is a good game, but it also disappointed me besides the dodge/dash it starts fun, but when I played Alucard the fun stopped with him, but became fun again with Trevor. The thing is all 4 characters play exactly the same except the magic, sub-weapons, and anything else certain characters might acquire. Story pretty much tells you why they all play the same, but it doesn’t make it that great since when having more than 1 playable character the multiple characters in a action game shouldn’t feel the same, they should have their own styles of fighting. Another thing to add is the game feels like parts of a bigger game that it could have been, so what I’m saying it feels like half a game. But even with that the main reason to play this game is for the story and boss fights especially the final battle that Trevor has its awesome. Now I just hope that LOS2 ends being a lot more fun.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, story, gameplay.

Dislikes: Dodge, dash, no items.

Wishlist: Items, better dodge and dash, more dubs.

Score: 4/5 LIVE!

Recommended for fans of: Castlevania, Konami, Mercurysteam,  God of War, Dante’s Inferno, action, adventure, vampires, whips, Hellsing, Van Hellsing.







Platforms: PC/XBOX 360/PS3

Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, and Italian text.

Audio Support: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Supports 1p offline.

Played in Spanish.


Story: Find and eliminate Fettel.

Good or Bad Story?: The game’s story is 1 that I never cared about as it never pulled me in as the gameplay steals the spotlight. Even when you interact with other characters, I didn’t care about what they have to say since I just wanted to get into the action. DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

Graphics: F.E.A.R came out on the 360 in 2006 and playing it in 2014 it still looks really good, but there are some parts that looks like they are running on the original XBOX.

Audio: The Spanish voices are really good and the sound effects used for the weapons and for creepy moments sound really good. Note that Pointman doesn’t have voice.


Good: F.E.A.R is a survival horror action fps where you play Pointman a character with no voice and no face, but you can see the rest of his body. Like every shooter you jump, crouch, melee, shoot, throw grenades, and pick up weapons, but in this game you have to pick up armor and health packs to survive in battle like classic shooters. You can go through the whole game without picking up armor, but doing so allows you to take more damage when if you pick up armor you take less damage. You can use your health packs whenever you want with a press of a button and you can carry 3 weapons. The cool thing though is you feel like a badass and that is cause Pointman is the only person that has the power of slow-mo. You can use it at anytime and it helps you out in tough situations.

I have to praise AI for the clone troopers since they will use cover, run away from you and try to punch/kick you in the face. They also can hear your footsteps and see if you have your flashlight on. You fight clone troopers, ninjas, and mechs. Besides story mode you have instant action mode which is self explanatory. The game has creepy moments when your pulled in to another world that causes Pointman to feel fear.

Bad: Flashlight running out of power can get annoying even though it recharges quick. At some parts of the game when wanting to replace my weapons I could not interact with the weapons laying around and you have the ability to lean off walls, but it only works at certain positions when close to a wall, when you can lean in the open it makes no sense.


The PC version contains, story mode, instant action, and multiplayer with mouse/keyboard and gamepad support.

The 360 version contains all the stuff from the PC version, but the visuals are a bit downgraded and it contains 1 extra mission.

The PS3 version has all of the 360 stuff, but is visually downgraded and doesn’t run well compared to the other versions.

Overall: F.E.A.R is a really good game that perfectly blends action and survival horror. It looks, sounds, and plays good. I hope to see another game in the series on the new consoles or at least a remastered version. Highly recommend this.

Likes: Graphics, gameplay, and audio.

Dislikes: Leaning is not perfect, interacting is kind of broken, annoying flashlight.

Wishlist: New entry in the series.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: The Ring, F.E.A.R, Monolith, Time Warner, shooters, survival horror, action.







Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.(XBOX 1 & 360)

Audio Support: English(Main characters only) and Russian(Lower class minions only).

Supports 1p.


Story: Strider’s mission is to stop all the bad guys.

Good or Bad Story: The story is not the game’s main focus, it’s just there to tell you “You see that guy? You’re going to kick his ass next.”. And you won’t give a single damn about it. DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

Graphics: Strider 2014 on XBOX 1 looks really good and it’s a port of the 360 version so it’s not a huge graphical upgrade, so it’s just brighter. It runs at 1080p and a glorious 60fps at all times and all of this is thanks to the Hex engine the same engine that powers KI3. Strider has his MVC look, but with some adjustments like his scarf is now a laser scarf and the game’s level design is similar to Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, but adjusted to make the game’s world look like a game.

Audio: The music while there isn’t a big variety is really good and gives of a nostalgic feeling like this nananananananeeneeneenee. The game does have voice acting and it’s both good and bad depending on the characters and luckily Strider is not voice by his UMVC3 English actor who made him sound bad in that game, instead he has a new actor who gives him a Japanese accent to let you know he is Japanese and he sounds good.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Strider 2014 stays true to its roots as the game is a 2.5D action adventure game with the originals being 2D. You play as Strider Hiryu who is 1 of the Striders a groups of badassess who look and fight like ninjas. You start as a badass and are equipped with light attacks, launcher(can also be done by holding up and pressing the light attack button), ninja mobility(jumping, a slide attack, hanging from walls), a mini and full map, and good looks. You also have a rage mode that can be used to deal more damage and gain a bit more reach with your sword attack, but be warned if you get hit you can lose it.

Along the way you will became a super badass by obtaining options which are based off his moves from the MVC series, as well as finding status upgrades, and obtaining more plasma to make you an ultra badass. All of these upgrades are important as you’ll need to explore the levels a lot and some doors can’t be open unless you have the proper upgrade as well as some enemies can only be/are weaker with the proper upgrade and you will want to explore as you can be rewarded with unlockable stuff like costumes and art. The game also has camera controls which is meant for aiming your knives though you can do that with the LS, there is some platforming, you’ll also notice throughout the game there are some green orbs and these can be used to heal you, and the game has a save station. Also it has boss fight with some of the bosses returning from the previous games and it has 3 game modes a becon mode which is a speed run mode, story mode, and survival.

Bad: There is nothing I found to be bad in this game, but I wish I could use the dpad to move Strider as I’m not a fan of using analog sticks for 2D/2.5D games, but I got used to it.

Differences: The game plays the same on all platforms and it also looks pretty much the same with the XBOX 1 and PS4 versions running at 1080p 60fps as well as PC and the 360 and PS3 version likely running at a lower resolution. If you have only a 360 and/or PS3 on 360 you get just Strider 2014, but if you get it on PS3 you get Strider 2014 and Strider 1/2. So pretty much the PS3 version gives you a better value, but if you also have 360 get on it as well. If you only have a XBOX 1 and/or PS4 there isn’t any difference so get it on both. If you have a current and next-gen console get it first on the next-gen then on current-gen. But if you have at least 2 of the platforms the game’s on then get it on both.

Questionable: Where are the other Striders? Their mentioned in the game, but their nowhere to be seen. Are they on vacation? If so why make Hiryu do everything? He needs a break too, couldn’t they at least order him some Little Caesar’s?

Overall: Strider 2014 is so fun for every enemy killed you get a sense of enjoyment and hype cause your empowered, instead of being a weakling. You get the sense that Double Helix made this game to be fun at every turn. The game feels and controls good. There is always something to do in this game like going back to a area that you already visited to find any hidden secrets and slicing and dicing everyone who gets in your way. This is 1 of the first wave of games for early 2014 and Strider 2014 delivers. Strider 2014 is 1 of the best games of 2014 and should not be missed by anyone. Double Helix has made another favorite game of mine along with KI3. So get this game now you won’t regret it and its $15. So now I’m going to play again and re-enjoy the hype that is Strider 2014.

Likes: Gameplay, graphics, music, voices.

Dislikes: voices.

Wishlist: Sequel.

Score: 5/5 ULTRA BADASS!

Recommended for fans of: Capcom, Double Helix, Strider, Fighters, 2D, 2.5D, ninjas, Ninja Gaiden, Bionic Commando, Moon Diver, TMNT, action, adventure.






Platforms: GC/XBOX/PS2

Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Bruce Wayne’s mom and dad get shot and eventually causes him to became a hero when he grows up to make sure no one else suffers what he had suffered.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is directly taken from the movie so if you have seen the movie than the plot will be familiar, but it doesn’t happen in the same place or occur the same way. Its good though and Bruce Wayne narrates the whole story. G00D!

Graphics: Batman Begins came out in 2005 and game looked really good back then, now playing it in 2014 the visuals still hold up well except a certain few parts don’t render well in HD. And a cool thing is there are actual clips from the movie in the game to represent cutscenes.

Audio: The music is really good and capture the feel of the Batman universe. The voice acting is really good with the actors from the film reprising their roles from to the movie in the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Batman Begins is 3rd person action-stealth game where you play Batman of course and at times Bruce Wayne. As both men you’ll fight criminals who want to harm Gotham for their own reasons and you’ll do this by punching and kicking them in balls. You can double jump and glide(only as Batman), block, dodge, and counter in combat, but you also will be acquiring gadgets and these can be used in battle to help you get the jump on your foes since fear is the most powerful weapon Batman has. You have some freedom in the game as you can go hand to hand, sneak up on foes, and you can try to scare the criminals to build up your reputation to make them less likely to fight you.

The game also has interrogations where you punch the guy in the stomach to tell you what you want to know and once he tells that then you can continue to punch him or chokeslam him on the ground. There is some platforming, unlockables like costumes, a side camera that shows you other things that are happening, a movie browser, level select, and 3 boss fights. And there is 1 more thing you can drive the Batmobile to crash criminal cars or shoot missiles at them. Also note that both Batman and all the villains have a health bar.

Bad: When entering battle mode which occurs when an lock-on appears on an enemy the camera zooms in to just highlight Batman and 1 enemy and this can cause problems as if there are more than 1 enemy than you pretty much won’t see them unless you move around or turn off the lock on. There are only 2 Batmobile levels, there are some frame rate issues, the gadgets that you acquire can only be used when game says so, and did the developers ever watch the movie? No? Cause in the movie Batman is bulletproof and in the game he is not it makes no sense.

Overall: Batman Begins is a really good game based on movie that I like. Is it perfect? No, as it has issues. Is it the best Batman game? No, to me that goes to Origins. While I do like the Arkham games(City not much) and they are highly praised, but Batman Begins which is first Batman game I played years ago on Gamecube and now on XBOX happens to be a Batman game that I really like a lot and have played a lot as well. And to me is the most fun Batman game I have played and its favorite. This is the only Batman game based on the Dark Knight Movie Trilogy and if you liked the film, then you’ll very likely like this game. Highly recommended.

Note this game works on XBOX 360.

Likes: Graphics, story, voices, music, gameplay.

Dislikes: Not having total freedom of using the gadgets, only 2 Batmobile levels, not bulletproof, zoom in on battle mode, frame rate issues.

Wishlist: HD rerelease so I can get achievements, Batmobile game.


Recommended for fans of: Batman, Time Warner, Superheroes, action, stealth, Splinter Cell, Burnout, Thief, Eurocom, EA.



                                      DARKNOVAFORCE REVIEWZ

                                                RYSE SON OF ROME


Platforms: XBOX 1

Game Supports: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English text.

Audio Support: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

Supports 1p offline and 1-2p online co-op

Played in Italian.


Story: Marius is on the road to avenge the death of his parents and will punish those responsible. Will he get his revenge or will he die trying?

Good or Bad Story?: The story is predictable and if you know anything about the Roman Empire than you will know what happens at the end, but either way it’s entertaining to see it play out. G00D!

Graphics: Ryse is a XBOX 1 launch title and oh my god it looks beautiful!  It’s beautiful because it’s made by Crytek. Crytek makes their games to push the limits of the consoles they run on and Ryse is no exception. Ryse is pretty much the best looking game on the XBOX 1 and probably the best looking game of this year that I have played. Oh and Ron Jeremy is in the game as a Barbarian.

Audio: Music is nice and captures the feel of battle. The Italian voice acting is really good and I had to play it in Italian cause Rome is in Italy.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Ryse is a 3rd person action adventure beat em up where you will fight lots of enemies and in some cases fight a boss at the end. As Marius you will use you cut down foes with your dagger in hand either by just pounding on them(with your dagger and shield) or using executions(must match the glowing color with right button to gain points) which will give you more xp and refill your health or fury. There are perks(story only) in the game that can be accessed by using the dpad and these can help you in battle, as there 4 perks that you can use:

 1. health regain(must use execution)

 2. more xp

 3. damage boost

4. fury regain

          You can use Fury to slow time and be invincible(for a bit) to deal free hits on your foes, but be warn as Fury doesn’t work on bosses. Marius can also sprint, dodge, command(at certain points) his troops, upgrade skills, destroy vases(he should be ashamed for destroying property), throw spears, pick up something’s like scrolls to unlock stuff, look at things that are a point of interest, and parry attacks thrown at him(this is what you will use to survive fights). The game also has a level select with a total of 8 levels, it has 1 QTE, but I won’t say where it is.

          A nice thing about Ryse is it has 2 game modes, a story mode where you play Marius and a co-op arena mode where you can play by yourself or with a friend online and fight in a Roman Arena against the barbarians ranks. Arena mode follows the core gameplay of the story mode, but instead of playing the hero you play a warrior who wants to be the best of the best(no not CM PUNK). You have lots of arenas to choose from, you also can unlock costumes(arena mode only), customize your warrior(must level up), you can create a lobby, use items(area mode only), and worship a god which will give you certain stats like a health boost or a damage boost. I played the arena and I got to say it is fun as well as a good way to keep playing the game if you ever get tired or want to take a break from playing story mode.  

Bad: The load times take like 10 seconds or more to load the levels(only when selecting or resuming the game the next day). You can’t go back only forward in all areas in the game once you reach a certain points in the levels, so if you missed a scroll then you will have to restart the level just to go pick it up. Your teammates in the story mode at 1 point don’t notice enemies that have not been eliminated. There is no reset camera button so anytime you don’t see something in a fight you will have to manually move the camera to see around in fights.

Overall: Ryse Son of Rome is a really good beat em up and is the best looking game on the XBOX 1. It has load time, camera, and ai friends issues, but it ends being fun in the end. These types of games that are beat em ups like Ryse are barely made and it’s good to see this type of genre be available on the console at launch and hopefully more down the road.   While big journalist sites like ign and Rev3 games don’t appreciate games like Ryse because it’s not like modern action games that have these flashy moves like DMC and MGR or being like dungeon crawling games like Zelda since its a beat em up which is an old school arcade type of action games they can’t like it. But Ryse is a good example of an action that doesn’t try to be like a Bayonetta or a Zelda and still be fun.

          If you have an XBOX 1 I definitely recommend Ryse if you want to play something that is old school in terms of genre and something that is not a fps.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay, and story.

Dislikes: No reset camera button, load times, and ai friends.

Wishlist: Faster load times, a reset camera button, Ai friends able to notice all enemies that have not been eliminated.

Score: 4.5/5 THIS IS SPARTA!

Recommended for fans of: Crytek, Final Fight, beat em ups, Black Tiger, Madworld, No more heroes, adventure, Max Anarchy, 300.