Platforms: XBOX 360/ PC/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: English, Spanish, German, French, & Italian.

Supports 1offline, 1-10p online multiplayer.

Played in Spanish.


Story: Jim Peyton(he is in fact Jesus, but he cut his hair after he left Family Guy and decided that he need to leave Earth so he contact Capcom to star in the next Lost Planet) is a contractor who is working for Nevec on EDN3 to get payed and feed his family, but while doing his job he is going to discover the secrets that EDN3 holds.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is meh, but the ending is good and it maybe a cliffhanger to what is to come. The story is not the most important thing to game as something else is. BAD!

Note that Lost Planet 3 is the prequel to whole series.

Graphics: Lost Planet 3’s graphics are good, but some parts look better than the others. For 1 the environments and the akrid all look really good with the environments looking better in 3 than the previous games. And 2nd the humans have some good designs like the main character and his jacket while others looks weak or plain which makes the game look better than the 1st game, but not better looking than 2nd game. And there is minor loading textures and references to Lost Planet 1 and 2.

Audio: There isn’t a lot of music in the game, but the ones you hear at times are of action and horror film themes. You have music in your mech that Jesus’s wife installed and you can play your music inside the mech if you don’t like the music that is already there. And the Spanish voice acting is really good.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Lost Planet 3 is an action adventure game like the previous Lost Planets; however, 3 is kind of open world and it is also a horror game. At its core this is still Lost Planet, but there are new additions that were not in the previous games and these are welcome addition. You play from a 3rd person view and you’ll shoot, throw grenades, throw punches, sprint(this time you can sprint infinitely without getting tired), change weapons, use the ancher(only on certain surfaces) , zoom in on your targets( holding the aim button puts the camera over the shoulder while pressing the melee button when holding a sniper rifle enters you in first person), use a mech, and fight bosses(on the size scale of LP1 and their weak spot is still the orange part of the body).

The new additions that are in Lost Planet 3 are a dodge and cover system(you can dodge in any direction and cover only works when you’re in battle, but this is not a cover based shooter), you have a main and sub-missions and with a press of a button you can check your job listings as well as other things like messages and what you have collected. Since it is also a horror game it will try to scare you at times, while I didn’t find the game scary it is; however, creepy in some parts and it does a good job at that department. Unlike the previous games where you only could carry 2 weapons in 3 you carry a main weapon and a sub weapon, but you will always have your 3rd weapon the infinite ammo pistol at all times(hold the change weapon button to use the pistol).

You have your very own mech known as a Rig that can make some fights easier since it can block, grab, and drill enemies up the ass, but when fighting bosses you will have to have patience and know when to attack and counter like in Punch-out. And unlike the previous mechs if its health drops to 0 it won’t self destruct it will instead repair itself, what a nice feature. And the best part is 3 has a shop that allows you to upgrade the Rig and upgrade Jesus’s armory with thermal energy, another thing to note is that you can change what weapons your carrying at anytime as long as your mech is near you or a computer with a image of a gun is nearby. The load screens have hints in them, you can walk around your base and hear conversations, and the game has a movie browser just in case you miss a cutscene.

Bad: The frame rate always drops from 30 to 20, but it doesn’t hinder the experience. There are a few times where the game will load the level while you’re moving, but this only takes 2 seconds so it’s not a major hinder to the game.

Questionable: In 3 thermal energy is the currency while in the previous games it was your health and in 3 your jacket always keeps you warm since it has thermal energy built in, so why in LP1 does your health always decrease every time you walk in the snow. Also the Rig can self repair, so why can’t any of the mechs in LP1 & 2 do self repair?

Overall: Lost Planet 3 is a really good action adventure horror that improves the series with the better controls scheme in the series and adding new mechanics and things like a upgrade system to both the mech and human. While the frame rate does drop it never hinders the experience. The story is not great, but you probably won’t care since the gameplay is where it’s at and that is the most important part of the game. This is a very underrated game, but it is really good and this is my favorite LP game. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay.

Dislikes: Story, some human designs.

Wishlist: Sequel, Better graphics than 2, costumes for both you and the mech.

Score: 5/5 DAMN ITS COLD!

Recommended for fans of: Lost Planet, Capcom, Aliens, Gundam, Robots, Snow, Spark Unlimited.