Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PS3

Language Support: Text = English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

Audio = English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.

Game Support: 1p offline, 2p online co-op, and 6p online multiplayer.

Played in Italian.


Story: Alma is pregnant and now her sons Pointman and Fettel must find her to give her a “Proper” baby shower.

Good or Bad Story: The story is interesting as you will find out more about Alma past as well as that of her sons. Everything else that is occurring like the destruction that Alma is causing cause of her being pregnant won’t matter. G00D!

Graphics: The game looks okay, but I don’t like the color scheme that the devs went with which is brown and that color makes some of the levels look boring and not fun to play. There are enemies that look lame except the bosses and some of the soldiers you face later on. Also some parts are too dark to even see. The engine the game runs on is showing its age as some textures on the guns are low res and ironically F.E.A.R 1 looks better than number 3. Oh and for some reason there are pre-rendered graphics in cut-scenes which make no sense when the previous games didn’t have that.

Audio: The Italian voices are really good, but for some reason during the pre-rendered cut-scenes Fettel speaks English when he narrates those scenes when it should be the actor who voices him in Italian and every other language narrating it.


Good: In F.3.A.R you play Pointman once again if you play offline, but if you play the story through co-op then P1 will play Pointman and P2 will play Fettle. As Pointman you shoot stuff, slowdown time, take cover Time Crisis style, send guys to heaven, and slide kick foes while Fettel can posses foes, use his powers to kill foes, and give his brother a shield. Unlike the first game Pointman will not require health pack to heal him, instead he has recoverable health. You fight soldiers and Alma’s demon buddies, but you will have boss fights in each level and the Ai is really good as they can hear you and see your flashlight. And in some levels Pointman can use a mech to destroy everything with ease.

Bad: I don’t like how the controls are mapped and all the alternate control schemes suck as if I like a button being on another button another function is going to be mapped to a button that I don’t want it to be on, they should’ve added the ability to customize the controls. The game can get hard at times on easy mode which makes no sense and this mostly happens on boss fights. And you can’t choose who you want to play as in the Story mode if you offline.

Overall: F.3.A.R is a good game, but it has parts that suck like some of the levels, control schemes, and whatnot. The game is a 1st-person action horror game, but like the 1st game its really an action game. Unlike the 1st game you’re not inside a building, instead you get to walk around town in daylight which is nice. And note that you gain points in this game and those point will determine whose ending you’ll get of the 2 playable characters. And to end this number 3 is a good game that at times makes me not want to play, but it’s good to stick around to get to use the mech.

Likes: Gameplay, story, and audio.

Dislikes: Graphics, control scheme, difficulty, some level, no option to choose who you want to play as offline.

Wishlist: Better graphics, custom controls, adjust difficulty, new game.


Recommended for fans of: F.E.A.R, Monolith, Day 1 Studios, Time Warner, shooters, survival horror, action.








Platforms: PC/XBOX 360/PS3

Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, and Italian text.

Audio Support: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Supports 1p offline.

Played in Spanish.


Story: Find and eliminate Fettel.

Good or Bad Story?: The game’s story is 1 that I never cared about as it never pulled me in as the gameplay steals the spotlight. Even when you interact with other characters, I didn’t care about what they have to say since I just wanted to get into the action. DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

Graphics: F.E.A.R came out on the 360 in 2006 and playing it in 2014 it still looks really good, but there are some parts that looks like they are running on the original XBOX.

Audio: The Spanish voices are really good and the sound effects used for the weapons and for creepy moments sound really good. Note that Pointman doesn’t have voice.


Good: F.E.A.R is a survival horror action fps where you play Pointman a character with no voice and no face, but you can see the rest of his body. Like every shooter you jump, crouch, melee, shoot, throw grenades, and pick up weapons, but in this game you have to pick up armor and health packs to survive in battle like classic shooters. You can go through the whole game without picking up armor, but doing so allows you to take more damage when if you pick up armor you take less damage. You can use your health packs whenever you want with a press of a button and you can carry 3 weapons. The cool thing though is you feel like a badass and that is cause Pointman is the only person that has the power of slow-mo. You can use it at anytime and it helps you out in tough situations.

I have to praise AI for the clone troopers since they will use cover, run away from you and try to punch/kick you in the face. They also can hear your footsteps and see if you have your flashlight on. You fight clone troopers, ninjas, and mechs. Besides story mode you have instant action mode which is self explanatory. The game has creepy moments when your pulled in to another world that causes Pointman to feel fear.

Bad: Flashlight running out of power can get annoying even though it recharges quick. At some parts of the game when wanting to replace my weapons I could not interact with the weapons laying around and you have the ability to lean off walls, but it only works at certain positions when close to a wall, when you can lean in the open it makes no sense.


The PC version contains, story mode, instant action, and multiplayer with mouse/keyboard and gamepad support.

The 360 version contains all the stuff from the PC version, but the visuals are a bit downgraded and it contains 1 extra mission.

The PS3 version has all of the 360 stuff, but is visually downgraded and doesn’t run well compared to the other versions.

Overall: F.E.A.R is a really good game that perfectly blends action and survival horror. It looks, sounds, and plays good. I hope to see another game in the series on the new consoles or at least a remastered version. Highly recommend this.

Likes: Graphics, gameplay, and audio.

Dislikes: Leaning is not perfect, interacting is kind of broken, annoying flashlight.

Wishlist: New entry in the series.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: The Ring, F.E.A.R, Monolith, Time Warner, shooters, survival horror, action.


DARKNOVAFORCE here with a message(if its a special 1).

I have decided that I will not review every game that I play as some games just don’t deserve reviews for certain reasons, so instead I will be creating a list of games that I have played, but these will only include the game’s name, the platform their on, and the languages they support in both text and voice acting. But don’t worry I will continue to review games just ceratin 1s. So let me begin the list:


Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC

Game Supports: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Netherlands text.

Audio Support: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.