Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3

Game Supports: English, French and Spanish text & audio.







Platforms: XBOX 1/PC

Game Supports: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese text.

Audio Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

Supports 1p offline and 1-2p online co-op.

Played in Spanish.


Story: The citizens of The Lost, California have 72 hours to get out of the zombie infested city before its nuked.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is okay it has a serious tone like the previous Dead Rising games since it is a zombie apocalypse story, but you’ll run into characters that are so weird and there are funny parts. To Dead Rising 3 the story is not the most important thing to game, instead it’s the gameplay that matters. The plot is just there to make you do stuff. 0KAY!

Note that DR3 takes 10 years after DR2.

Graphics: DR3 shares the same visual style as the previous games meaning it has a realistic visual style and it looks really good. However, there are a few moments where the textures load.

Audio: There is some music in this game that is okay and the Spanish voice acting is really good, but at times the volume drops to where I problems hearing what the characters are saying even when increasing the volume on the TV. Note at the time of this review the XBOX 1 only supports 6 languages which are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The other languages that DR3 supports are not available yet so I’m not sure if the game includes voice acting done in those languages, so I will update when those languages are available.


Gameplay and Features:

Good: Dead Rising 3 is a open-world beat-em up where you play Nick Ramos a mechanic who can make pretty much anything and if playing the game in co-op then he is joined by none other than Fatal Fury’s very own Terry Bogard! Terry is a trucker in the game, but he changed the color of his clothes, is now probably over 30, lost so muscle, and doesn’t have his signature moves from his fighting game since that would make him too good. And he calls himself Dick.

So in DR3 you will be going around the city killing zombies with whatever you can find like a chair, a car, a teddy bear, a gun, a tire, a sword, a hand(literally), and so much more. The good thing about the items you pick is that they can be combined to make new weapons or vehicles as long as you have the blue print which are scattered around the city, however, don’t get too attach to 1 item cause overtime it will break. You can jump, dodge, sprint, and go hand to hand on the zombies. There are also upgrades available for your stats and skills. There are main and side missions, costumes, and boss fights. Note if you have the rumble feature on then the controller will rumble when you’re running out of ammo and when your vehicle is about to explode.

Bad: I don’t like the dodge button being on the LSB. The camera is crazy as it can make things hard to see. Picking up the items you want can be a pain when close to other items you don’t want. The loading takes too long and the last missions is stupid.

Overall: DR3 is 1 weird game due to fact that the gameplay doesn’t take itself serious at all since you can use whatever you want and some of combinations in both weapons and vehicles are so weird and out of place in zombie apocalypse. It also has references to other Capcom games like Street Fighter, Rockman(since this franchise was created by the same guy.), and others. It has its issues, but the game is so fun. I have played DR1 and I consider that game to be terrible, I played a bit of Case 0 and it was okay, but DR3 just somehow is able to pull me in and have fun. DR3 is the best retail XBOX 1 game in terms of exclusives with Ryse coming in 2nd place. This is a must have to all XBOX 1 owners.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, voices.

Dislikes: Dodge button, picking items being a problem, audio volume drops, last mission, loading, and camera.

Wishlist: Sequel, dodge mapped to another button, fix picking up items, better camera, faster loading, better last mission.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Dead Rising, Capcom, Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Biohazard.







Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese text.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Dust wakes up on the far edge of a forest with no memory of who he is and is on journey to find out who he is. With him are Ahrah a talking sword and Fidget a ninbat.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good and it has emotional moments. It’s mostly told through a Blazblue style story, but you will see cut scenes later on. And the finally is love letter to a very popular franchise. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are beautiful with vibrant colors and some of best 2d sprites ever seen.

Audio: The voice acting is really good with Dust being voiced by Cyan Pile from Accelworld and some the other characters you meet are voiced by some cast members from that show. The music is good too.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Dust is an 2d action adventure game with rpg elements. You play Dust and with the help of your sword Ahrah you will slash all the monsters that get in your way with combos. You attack with light attacks, but you also have a heavy attack that creates a whirlwind and  Fidget is also with you and she spits out projectiles and can be combined with your attacks on the ground and in the air. Dust also has a dodge that allows to set up cross-ups on the ground and in the air. And Dust most important ability is parrying attacks.

Along the way you’ll meet a merchant that will sell and buy items from you and you can equip Dust with armor, accessories, and healing items. You have a mini map that shows you where you have been as well as tell you what the different colors on certain squares mean on the map. You’ll get to explore a lot and at times run in to villagers who may give you side quest or they level you up. There is platforming as well as save stations, ability orbs, treasure chest that require inputs to open, boss fights, and characters from other franchises from company that made Dust that make cameos in the game.

Bad: ?

Overall: Dust is an amazing beautiful game, that left me speechless on how to end this review. I highly recommend this game if you haven’t played it already.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, story, and gameplay.

Dislikes: ?

Wishlist: Another game like Dust.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Dust, DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Strider.





Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/WIIU

Game Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1-4p offline and online coop.


Story: A Sorceress is trying to revive a fiend that can destroy Mystara and our heroes must stop before the fiend is revived.

Good or Bad Story?: This beat-em up does focus on its story and its a good 1. Its predictable, but even so its good. G00D!

Graphics: This game came out in the arcades in the 90s and playing it in 2013 on the current consoles the game’s visuals hold up very well. You have option to change the graphics filter and screen size.

Audio: The music is well done and the voice acting is good although there isn’t much to it.

Game play:

Good: D& D is a beat-em up rpg arcade game that feels like a fighting game that supports coop both online(drop-in/out) and offline with 4 people. The game includes 6 playable characters each with an alternate costume who you can name whatever you want and yes you can name them bad words. In combat you have close range attacks that can hit enemies standing in front of you, below the belt, use SF motions to use more attacks, and attack those that are lying on the floor. Each also has an inventory that gives them access to more attacks, but depends on the character and each character has a special attack that is powerful that requires health.

During fights enemies tend to drop items and you can pick them up to get points and other stuff. At the end of each level your character will level and gain something like an item or extra cash as well as take you to a shop to purchase items. Now another thing during levels you may get the option to select where to go next and the choices you make may take you to a shortcut of the level. Finally you can also select any level after you beat the game, you can also run away from fights, unlock stuff, and you will fight some tough bosses.

Bad: ?

Overall: D & D is a really good beat-em up that offers 6 playable characters that give the game variety of play styles. It is 1 of the best beat-em ups available now and is best played with friends as this game is not easy when you fight a boss. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, game play, music, and story.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequel.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Dragons, dungeons, Capcom, beat-em ups, fighters, coop, and rpgs.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game Supports Italian, Spanish, German, French, and English text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1p only.

Story: Deadpool wants a game based on himself so he hires High moon to make the game, but the CEO refuses until Deadpool blows up a portion of the studio. After that happens the CEO of High moon calls Deadpool to tell him that they will send the script for the game and as soon as he gets it Deadpool grabs a crayon and starts changing the script to his liking and the adventure begins.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good as you see it from Deadpool’s view, but the story has another story within the story and it starts going crazy as soon as the game begins. It doesn’t take itself serious and that’s because you play a character that is self aware. GOOD!

Graphics: The game looks good, but I would have liked if the developers went with a more cell-shaded look.

Audio: The music is well done, but the voice acting is really good as Nolan North once again voices Deadpool and he narrates the game all the way and will also say some really funny things.

Game play:

Good: Deadpool is a 3rd person hack and slash action shooter where you can slash, shoot, and teleport/counter your way through the game. The shooting works in 2 ways press the fire button to shoot and then you can move the camera to select who you want to shoot in the balls. The second way is to press the aim button and it will lock-on to a nearby enemy and after that you can start shooting. Deadpool can even run backwards and still be shooting his enemies without even looking, but your guns do not have infinite ammo so you if you run out then kill your enemies or look around to find more ammo. Also you can switch the camera sides to the left or right. The game also has combos for both air and grounded attacks that can be chained by using light and heavy attacks also you can add a gun shot in to the combo. You can also teleport to safety when in danger and you can counter incoming attacks(not all) when prompt and can do combos after. When taking damage and you want to recover health then you must hide somewhere or take cover and eventually Deadpool will start recovering health. The game also includes exploration, plat forming, puzzles, minigames, parodies, boss fights, stealth, X-men cameos, and upgrades.

Bad: The 3rd person shooter camera doesn’t suit this game as you will have to constantly move the camera when slashing since the camera doesn’t rotate when the character moves. And on the last part of level 5 and going through the last 2 levels the game gets boring as all of the excitement that was in the beginning goes away.

Overall: Deadpool the game is funny, weird, and a fun game for the most part except near the ending. This game is definitely worth playing for the comedy and action. But I would like to see the camera change.

Likes: Graphics, voices, game play, story, and music.

Dislikes: camera and the levels near the ending.

Wish list: Different graphic style, better camera, improve levels.


Recommended for fans of: Deadpool, comedy, action, beat em ups, shooters, Marvel, parodies, Disney, Activision, and High moon.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.

Audio support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Played in French.

Story: Taking place after DmC, Vergil has died and must come back to the world of the living.

Good or Bad Story?: It’s very cool to see what unfolds for Vergil after the ending of DmC. The story is done very well and gives an idea of what may happen in a future sequel. GOOD!

Graphics: Of all the games that I have played using the Unreal engine 3, DmC is the best looking game that runs on that engine and the dlc Vergil’s Downfall still proves that. Even the animated cut scenes look good on unreal 3.

Audio: The music doesn’t vary like when playing with Dante, but it doesn’t make it a bad thing. The music suits the mood that Vergil is in. The French voice acting is top quality and the sound effects for all the attacks from both Vergil and his enemies are satisfying.

Game play:

Good: The plat forming is done very well unlike the previous dmc’s which had issues. The game also requires you to explore the levels to find secrets. The combat is similar to all the previous dmc’s where you perform combos and try to get that all satisfying SSS combo ranking; however, the combat feels a bit more realistic and this makes it feel a lot more smoother than previous entries.  The camera is a bit closer to Vergil, but it doesn’t cause problems. Now the biggest difference here is how Vergil plays, he has the angel and demon mode for his weapon, but his weapon will not have an element when using in either form what it does is it gives Vergil new attacks to his arsenal. Vergil is also more of a close range fighter and has moves that cover some space, so prepare to either pull enemies closer or pull Vergil closer to his enemies. This makes Vergil a more complicated character especially when trying to get a SSS combo ranking, but once you get the hang of him it will be more satisfying.  And there are good boss fights. Also the length of the dlc is not as long as the story for Dante, but it’s long enough to make you want to replay and unlock stuff. Note Vergil is not playable in Bloody Palace.

Bad: Actually there is nothing bad about the game, it’s that amazing.

Overall: This dlc is 1 if not the best dlc for a game yet. Even without this dlc DmC is still 1 of the best games of 2013 in my opinion. A must have game of 2013.

Likes: Graphics, game play, story, voice acting, music, unlockables.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequel.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommend for fans of: Action, adventure, Dmc, fighting games, good story telling, NT, Capcom.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.

Audio support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Supports 1 player offline and 2p coop online

Played in French.

Played the 1st five levels in Coop while the rest was done alone.

Story: Isaac is back to save humanity. A new villain Danik wants to “cleanse” humanity and does that by causing  the Necromorphs to rise back up and Isaac with John have to stop him from doing it again. Awakening is a dlc that will give you a new ending to the main game.

Good or Bad Story: The main story is done well although I prefer 2s story more, but Awakening’s story is more similar to 2s than 3 which makes me prefer Awakening’s story more. You get story telling through cut scenes, radios, and communicating over the airwave radios. If you play Coop then you get a bit extra story dialog with John, but it doesn’t really add much, I would have liked if it was included when playing alone. GOOD!

Graphics: Have not change much since 2, but still looks amazing. The graphics make the game feel like a movie when playing and watching the cut scenes.

Audio: The French voice acting is top quality. The themes in the game are perfect when it comes to some of the creepy environments. And the credits have a really good theme too.

Game play:

Good: The game is a 3rd person shooter that includes some action and some horror but the only time I got scared was when the monsters surprised me and also the game requires the player to explore the environments to find items and other stuff. The mechanics work very well especially since they mostly remain unchanged from the previous games from shooting to using kinesis and to solve puzzles. Boss fights while few are really great to have. The game includes missions that are for the story to continue and side missions that can help you get more items, but some side missions will only open if you play Coop which is a great feature and the best way to play is coop. Also the game will play mind games with you and by that it means you might see things that are not there and will feel real. And the best part of this game is the ability to create weapons that you want.

Bad: There is a minor issue and that is the checkpoint system when playing Coop. If your partner leaves at anytime you will restart from your previous checkpoint. This can be fixed as long as you play with a friend.

Overall: DS3 does not have to be very scary to enjoy in my opinion and it does not bother me cause the most important thing in any game is to have fun. This game should definitely be played with a friend especially in later levels in the game. This is a must have game of 2013.

Likes: Graphics, game play, voice acting, themes, coop, weapon creation, boss fights, story, and horror.

Dislikes: checkpoint system when partner leaves game.

Wish list: John’s part in the story should have been part of the single player, DS4, better dropout coop system.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: dead space, horror, action, movies, EA, coop, bro-ops.