Platforms: GC/XBOX/PS2

Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Bruce Wayne’s mom and dad get shot and eventually causes him to became a hero when he grows up to make sure no one else suffers what he had suffered.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is directly taken from the movie so if you have seen the movie than the plot will be familiar, but it doesn’t happen in the same place or occur the same way. Its good though and Bruce Wayne narrates the whole story. G00D!

Graphics: Batman Begins came out in 2005 and game looked really good back then, now playing it in 2014 the visuals still hold up well except a certain few parts don’t render well in HD. And a cool thing is there are actual clips from the movie in the game to represent cutscenes.

Audio: The music is really good and capture the feel of the Batman universe. The voice acting is really good with the actors from the film reprising their roles from to the movie in the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Batman Begins is 3rd person action-stealth game where you play Batman of course and at times Bruce Wayne. As both men you’ll fight criminals who want to harm Gotham for their own reasons and you’ll do this by punching and kicking them in balls. You can double jump and glide(only as Batman), block, dodge, and counter in combat, but you also will be acquiring gadgets and these can be used in battle to help you get the jump on your foes since fear is the most powerful weapon Batman has. You have some freedom in the game as you can go hand to hand, sneak up on foes, and you can try to scare the criminals to build up your reputation to make them less likely to fight you.

The game also has interrogations where you punch the guy in the stomach to tell you what you want to know and once he tells that then you can continue to punch him or chokeslam him on the ground. There is some platforming, unlockables like costumes, a side camera that shows you other things that are happening, a movie browser, level select, and 3 boss fights. And there is 1 more thing you can drive the Batmobile to crash criminal cars or shoot missiles at them. Also note that both Batman and all the villains have a health bar.

Bad: When entering battle mode which occurs when an lock-on appears on an enemy the camera zooms in to just highlight Batman and 1 enemy and this can cause problems as if there are more than 1 enemy than you pretty much won’t see them unless you move around or turn off the lock on. There are only 2 Batmobile levels, there are some frame rate issues, the gadgets that you acquire can only be used when game says so, and did the developers ever watch the movie? No? Cause in the movie Batman is bulletproof and in the game he is not it makes no sense.

Overall: Batman Begins is a really good game based on movie that I like. Is it perfect? No, as it has issues. Is it the best Batman game? No, to me that goes to Origins. While I do like the Arkham games(City not much) and they are highly praised, but Batman Begins which is first Batman game I played years ago on Gamecube and now on XBOX happens to be a Batman game that I really like a lot and have played a lot as well. And to me is the most fun Batman game I have played and its favorite. This is the only Batman game based on the Dark Knight Movie Trilogy and if you liked the film, then you’ll very likely like this game. Highly recommended.

Note this game works on XBOX 360.

Likes: Graphics, story, voices, music, gameplay.

Dislikes: Not having total freedom of using the gadgets, only 2 Batmobile levels, not bulletproof, zoom in on battle mode, frame rate issues.

Wishlist: HD rerelease so I can get achievements, Batmobile game.


Recommended for fans of: Batman, Time Warner, Superheroes, action, stealth, Splinter Cell, Burnout, Thief, Eurocom, EA.








Platforms: XBOX 360/ PC/PS3/XBOX 1/PS4

Game Supports: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: Japanese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, & Portuguese.

Supports 1offline, 2-66p online multiplayer(XBOX 1/PS4/PC only).

Played in Polish.


Story: The Russians and the U.S are at high tensions and China is at the brink of war. So it’s up to Recker and his pals to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Good or Bad Story?: BF4’s story is something you will expect from watching war movies, reading about past wars, and if you are in the military than you know what happens. It’s not special, but it’s good enough to give you a reason to fight and it is good. G00D!

Graphics: BF is probably the best looking game on the XBOX 1 that I have played this year. Everything is so well detailed from the environments to you and your weapons. And in BF4 you can pretty much destroy anything and even that looks good as it resembles the destruction seen in movies.

Audio: The music in the game which pops up at certain moments is good and it is the type of music you will hear in war movies. This is the first game I got to play with Polish voice acting and at first 1 Irish’s voice was weak, but the more I played it ended up being good as the other character’s Polish voices. Oh and unlike the majority of games where the only way to access the other voice tracks which is done by changing the console language, in BF4 you have 9 voice tracks which are all accessible through the options menu in the game, sweet!

Gameplay and Features:

Good: BF4 is 1st-person shooter and has the standard fps mechanics like shooting, changing weapons, throwing grenades, tbagging, jumping, sniping, melee, and running. So what separates BF4 from other FPS?

Well in BF4 you can change the fire mode of some weapons, most guns have an accessory on it like a scope/laser sight/flashlight, you can lean from the sides of a wall and shoot, you can aim from cover, you can give orders to your teammates, unlock dog tags in story mode, you have deposits which are your bombs and can switch them at any time when there is a deposit armory, and vehicles that you use to run over baddies. Unlock other fps’s in BF4 you unlock weapons by either picking up an enemy weapon or by doing certain task and once you unlock weapons you can go to the armory that is in each level and switch to the guns that you want to use.

Also in BF4 running and gunning won’t work all the time so you will need to figure out the best way to beat the baddies or you’ll die quick, and to help in strategizing your given a binocular that can highlight all the threats in each level. Another is everything can pretty much be destroyed so don’t rely on the hard surface to protect you forever. And the game has 3 endings and a level select.

Bad: Since Recker is always with his friends, it comes as shock that there is no co-op in the story mode. It would have been nice to have this feature. Your pals can push you from cover when their moving around so make sure that they are not too close to you, otherwise they will leave you open to attack. For the most part vehicles have controls; however, the tank and truck are a bit harder to control from my experience. All vehicles are controlled from 1st-person, but the tank and truck should have been in 3rd-person as they don’t benefit being in 1st-person especially the tank which is harder to know where its turning.

And from my experience playing all the guns have a large recoil that can make shooting harder and sniping from a far is not easy unless you do it a lot closer and the game pretty much wants you to be really good with your shots or you’ll waste ammo. And you can execute the baddies with your knife, but when the animation for the execution happens it makes it look more like a karate chop to neck and that really makes it look bad, could have been better.

Overall: So does BF4 put COD: GHOST to shame? I don’t know since I haven’t played the full version of Ghost. BF4 is a solid fps and it surprised me that I ended up liking it since the last BF game I played Bad Company 2 I ended up not liking. The controls are good for the most part and aiming is ruff along with a terrible execution from the knife among other stuff. BF4 is really good, but it does give off a feeling that it might get boring overtime. And next time add co-op.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, voices, music.

Dislikes: No co-op, tank/truck controls, stabbing, friends can push you, aiming is ruff.

Wishlist: Co-op, tank/truck get better controls, better stabbing, no pushing, fine-tune aiming.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Battlefield, EA, DICE, COD, military, vehicles, Brothers in Arms, Titanfall, Respawn, Infinity Ward.


JEEZ ITS BURNING UP IN HERE. ON THE UPSIDE IM BURNING LOTS                                                        OF CALORIES



Platforms: XBOX 360/PC

Game Supports: English text only.

Supports: 1-2p offline.

Story: Its 20XX and people have forgotten about the heroes that once saved the world. Cause of this there has been no new heroes inducted into the Hall of Heroes. Now a young girl named Wryn wants to be the next hero so she has decided to defeat the previous heroes so she can become the best hero ever.

Good or Bad Story: The game only mention the story before the main menu, pressing a button to learn of the heroes, and near/at the ending. The stages themselves tell the story of the heroes even though you don’t see text during any stage. And 1 more thing Wryn is self-aware that she is in a game as if she dies she will tell you things on the game over screen like “Don’t worry it’s just a game I will be back in a sec”. G00D!

Graphics: Bleed looks like a SNES game and it looks good. The 16-bit visuals suit the game and everything is nicely detailed.

Audio: The music is top-notch and it gives of a nostalgic feel.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Bleed is a 2d side-scrolling shooter that uses 1 of the most odd controls ever. It is a twin stick shooter meaning you will use the LS stick to move and the RS stick to shoot in any direction. Using the RS stick to shoot is awkward at first, but the more you play the more you will get used to it. The game also includes a jump and dash mechanic mapped to the RT, again its awkward and eventually you will get used to it over time.

You can also switch weapons, but can only carry 2 at a time; however, the games inventory is on the pause menu so you can always switch the weapons your carrying at anytime. And the best mechanic that the game includes is slow-mo as long as you have meter you can use it and it recharges overtime. The game also has a store where you buy weapons and upgrades, as well as a level select, coop(both players share health and slow-mo), additional character(must be unlocked) and additional modes like story, arcade, and challenge. The games highlight is the good level design and boss fights.

Bad: There is nothing wrong with the game except I would have liked the option to change controls as there will be players that will not like the controls and would like to have the controls set up to something that their accustomed too.

Overall: Bleed is a really fun old school type of game that now offer coop(originally it was single player only) the controls are awkwardly mapped on the controller, but the more you play eventually you will get accustomed to the controls. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, and music.

Dislikes: no control options.

Wishlist: Control options, Sequel.


Recommended for fans of: Bootdisk Revolution, Megaman, Arcades, 2d, action, coop, Metal Slug.







Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC/WII U

Game Supports: Italian, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Polski, and English text.

Audio Support: Italian, German, Spanish, French, and English.

Supports 1p offline story mode and 3-8p online multiplayer.

Played in Italian.


Story: It’s been 2 years since Bruce Wayne became Batman and he has been stopping crime left and right, up and down. Cause of this the criminal overlords have been in panic mode so a criminal that goes by the name Black Mask presses the “Super Panic Button” and puts a bounty on Bats on Christmas eve and 8 assassins are now after the Bat. Can Batman defeat all 8 assassins and get his hands on Black Mask or will he die before he opens his presents?

Good or Bad Story?: The story is really good. It is on the same caliber as the 1st Arkham game, it feels like you’re watching the story of the 90s Batman cartoon and it’s that good. G00D!

Graphics: Origins got a graphical upgrade over its predecessors not in a graphical style, but it has more textures and it looks sharper. It looks good and a cool about the game is the more you get further in the game the more you will see the damages on Batman’s suit. However, there is a bit of screen tearing, but it is barely noticeable.

Audio: The Italian voice acting is really good and the Batman and other characters from the previous games are voiced by the same actors from the previous games. The music is really well done and it has the feel of the live action movies and it works for the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Origins is a action-adventure stealth game that is set in an open world Gotham City. You can explore the city at will(and get to use the Bat jet)  and in the city you can solve puzzles, fight crime, do sub-missions, story missions,  and just look around if you choose to do that. You can use the map to find anything and the good thing is you can mark a spot on the map and the bat signal will guide you.  As Batman you can handle any situation in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Use stealth and spread fear to all that oppose you.

2. Start punching foes 1 by 1 until they can’t get up.

So choose wisely.

For both styles you can use your gadgets(many are unlocked in the beginning) , use detective mode to see all the threats, and use your mobility. Detective mode allows you to not only see foes, but it also is used to solve crime scenes and when using it to solve crimes you get to see how it happened. Bat’s mobility is really good he can walk, run, slide, glide, and crouch(also tbag). The combat is really good you can attack, counter(you can counter more than 1 attack), and stun your foes. If you can build up your combo you will be able to use takedowns. Your combat skills, stealth skills, and weapons are all upgradeable. You can zoom in on far away objects, unlock bio’s, do challenges/play challenge mode, and unlock costumes.  The highlight of the game is the boss fights, each 1 is design for Batman to use his knowledge to defeat them meaning he has to use certain skills to even touch them.

Bad: ?

Questionable: 1. The game is called Arkham Origins, but the game’s story is not an origin story of Arkham Asylum and not even the origin of Batman. So why call it origins?

2. Why is the city full of criminals only? Where are the citizens?

3. Why are some of the assassins in sub-missions and not in the main story missions like the others?

Differences between versions:

The 360/PS3/PC versions include story mode, challenge maps, and online multiplayer. These versions will also include dlc.

The Wii U version includes story mode and challenge maps. However, it does not have online multiplayer since WB chose to screw Wii U owners and they may not get dlc and if the Wii U version does get dlc it will likely be a released really late.

If you own multiple consoles I recommend getting the 360/PS3/PC versions if you want the whole package. If all you want is 1p content than the Wii U version is the 1 to get, but you will have to pay the same price as the PC version for the Wii U version so your pretty much getting ripped off.

Overall: Origins feels familiar since it goes by the same basis as the previous games and that is good, but it doesn’t do anything new and to some they might not give it a try as the want something new. But even though it doesn’t do something new it is still a great experience to have. I consider this the best Batman game to date, it tops Asylum and it is a whole lot better than City.

For the next Batman game I would like it if it was set in a different Batman universe since the Arkham universe already feels done. It’s time for something new like a Batman Beyond game that is a sequel to the show or maybe a Batman game set in a not so popular Batman universe?

Likes: Graphics, gameplay, voices, music, story.

Dislikes: Screen tearing.

Wishlist: New Batman game in a different universe.

Score: 5/5 IM BATMAN!

Recommended for fans of: Batman, DC, Justice League, Superheroes, Time Warner, Remember Me, Spiderman.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PSP/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English text.

Audio Support: Japanese and English.

Supports 1-2p offline and 1-6p online.

Played in Japanese and English.


Story: Some fight for love and justice, others fight to help those important to them, and others are just bat-shit insane.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good, but confusing as in story mode each character have different paths that they can take. 1 path leads to their actual story, another leads to a comedy sketch, and the other leads to their destruction.  And another thing when characters come in contact with each other in their own stories it can be hard to guess which part of the story actually happened and which 1 is just a “what if”. It’s cool that there are different paths, but these paths end up making the story really confusing if you want to know what’s really happening. Arcade mode gives some tidbits of the story mode which is nice.

The story mode is like watching a play at a theater. You’ll mostly see the characters standing and talking to each other, but at times you will see some still images and cut scenes. G00D!

Graphics: Blazblue’s characters are in 2d(there actually 3d models just that 2d art was placed on top of the 3d models) and the stages are in 3d. The stages look really good and are some of the best looking stages in fighting game, but the characters are a different story. While the 2d designs of the characters are good the textures on them is kind of uneven as some characters look like they were made using the Guilty Gear engine and some look like they were made using a new graphics engine.

While the game does look good the uneven textures on the characters make them look out-dated and the cut scenes in story mode look terrible and are poorly designed.

Audio: The music is really good especially the opening theme. The voice acting in Japanese is superb even the English voices are really good. I would like it if future Blazblue’s include other dubs like a Spanish dub.

Game play and Features:

Good: Blazblue is a 2d fighter that has 12 characters and each 1 is different from the other. The mechanics include:

Jumping(some characters have double jumps) and high jumps.

Dashing(some can’t dash and some can air dash)

Combos(ground and air)




Guard breaks





Negative states.

Dashing is good to get in on your opponent or back away from them. However, dashing too much backwards can lead to negative state and when this happens your character will start “sweating red” and if you get hit in this state you will take more damage as the game does not like keep away and it forces players to learn to be offensive. Comboing involves chain combos using Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks for the most part as well as including drives, special moves, launchers, links, cancels, throws, off the ground attacks, and supers. Drives are characters special abilities like life regain, countering, and freezing. Blazblue also wants to you learn how to manage meter as you will need meter make the most out of a character since you will have to use Cancels and Distortions a lot. Cancels can help extend combos and requires 50% meter and it can be used on the ground and air when performing combos, special moves, launchers, and supers. Distortions(supers) are a character’s most powerful moves that require mostly 50% meter, but at times require 100% meter.

Guard breaks occur when you block a lot and when your guard meter goes to zero leaving you open for an attack and taking more damage. To avoid guard breaks you can use instant block which is like a parry or use barrier(requires meter) to reduce the amount of guard meter that you would lose. If your opponent keeps pounding on you then using burst will put some distance between you and him/her as long as you have a burst icon. Also when getting hit if you’re enemy’s next attack misses or if you land on the ground you can press a button to return to a neutral state and start fighting back just don’t press the button more than once or you will leave yourself open for an attack. And finally each character has a Astral Heat(fatality) that can be used to instantly win a match as long as your opponent has 30% health, you have 100% meter, a burst icon, and it’s the last round. Landing 1 of these is awesome, but you’re not invulnerable so use it when your enemy least expect it.

A cool feature that this game has is that each move for a character has a description telling you what that move does so you won’t have to blindly guess what that move does if your new to the game. This game also had some nice modes like arcade, story, replay, score attack, and online play with rank and player matches. If you play online you can choose on the criteria’s for your match like how many people can play, what connection bars you will accept, as well as what skill level, and etc. And you can unlock stuff.

Bad: The Astral Heats must be unlocked to be used which I find dumb when it’s part of the combat mechanics. Why would I have to unlock it  in a fighter? Also the Astral Heats end up being useless do to the fact that there slow and easy to see coming. Another thing is comboing must be done perfectly or your opponent can easily escape by pressing a button which is not good as there shouldn’t be an option for your opponent to escape when they’re not using burst. And thus can throw off newcomers if they want to get better as this feature can make them not want to play anymore. The burst is a double edge sword as not only can it put distance between you and your opponent, but it puts you on a high risk of taking more damage for no reason and rewarding your opponent to use a fatality a lot earlier.

Overall: Blazblue CT is a good fighter that has a good story and some solid mechanics, however; some mechanics end being useless or just bad and the story can cause confusion do to there being different paths that lead to different outcomes. And the graphics could use some work in certain areas.

Likes: Story, game play, modes, music, voices, and graphics.

Dislikes: Story can cause confusion on what’s really happening, some game play mechanics are not that well made, and some parts of the graphics are uneven/look bad.

Wish list: More dubs for the voice acting, remove some mechanics like the Astral Heat, Story should not cause confusion.

Score: 4/5 G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Ark systems, Capcom, Street Fighter, KOF, SNK, Cartoons, Needless.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game Supports Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, and English text.

Audio Support Italian, French, Spanish, German, and English.

Support 1-2 player coop offline and online. At times up to 4 online.

Played in 1st play through Leon-German, Chris-French, Eminem-Italian, and Ada-Spanish

in 2nd play through Leon-Spanish, Chris-German, Eminem-French, and Ada-Italian

Story:  1. Leon and Helena must find out who and what is causing the outbreak around the globe. 2. Piers must help Chris fight his inner demons if they want to succeed in their mission. 3. Sherry must make sure that Eminem lives in order to create a cure to the C-virus since his blood is the only thing that create such a thing. 4. Ada is on a secret mission to find out what Simmons is up to.

Good or Bad Story?: The story told through each campaign is really good. Leon’s story has a serious tone, Chris’ s story has a serious and emotional tone, Eminem’s has a not so serious tone, and Ada has that it’s a secret tone. GOOD!

Graphics: The graphics are really good. The character designs resemble the RE movies Degeneration and Damnation. However, there are a few textures that seem out of place. And RE6 is the best looking game running on MT Framework 2.

Audio: The voice acting in the languages I played the campaigns in are really good except for German Chris and Spanish Helena. The music is well done especially Eminem’s credit theme. Note when you update the game you will be able to select the voice options from in the game. Another note on 360 you must install the second disc if you want the ability to select other languages.

Game play:

Good: Biohazard 6 is a 3rd person action survival horror arcade shooter where you can shoot, punch/kick, dodge/t-bag, play with friends, give orders to ai partners, solve puzzles, slide, swim, counter, collect, and be stealthy. The controls in RE6 are a lot different than previous games as movement is now analog control instead of tank control and you can move and shoot. Also you now have 2 runs the default is moving the analog sticks all the way and the second you have to hold the A button which will make the character run faster. You now have 3 inventories one is for items(contains 9 slots), another is a shortcut for first aid and grenades, and the third is for your weapons(you will carry all of your weapons you collect now). All of your herbs are mapped to a button, also now when you aim your weapon you can now dodge attacks in any directions as well as t-bag your enemies, aiming also allows you to take cover on the walls with the help of the camera and when there is a hard surface in front of you by pressing the A button when aiming you’ll take cover, when running(2nd) if you press the aim button you will perform a slide. When you don’t aim you will be able to punch, kick, quick fire(causes stun), and do finishers like wrestling moves, but performing them requires stamina. The swimming controls are good and are similar to Revelations swim controls. The camera controls are also different as now you can rotate the camera to see the front of the character like other action games and when aiming you can switch the sides to see what’s to your left and right side of the screen, and with the update you can now adjust the camera to be closer or far from the character. Also at times the camera may lock on to certain parts of the levels when this happens it’s to give you a clue on where to go next. You also have the option to change the reticule and the color it is. There are some stealth parts with Eminem and Ada, but Ada has the ability to do a stealth takedown from cover. When playing you can either play by yourself or play with friends. If playing online players can drop in and out of a game at anytime, but if you play alone then the ai will control your partner and the ai does a good job of helping you and you can give them orders too. And now you have abilities that can be equipped to each character like better defense or infinite ammo for a weapon, these abilities can empower the player and give them the option to play the way they want giving the game a arcade rpg element and the best thing you can switch abilities at anytime. RE6 also has puzzles that are simple and tough(at first), boss fights, collectibles, comedy(Eminem story), different hubs for each character, horror(Leon, Chris, and Ada campaign), intense action, creepiness, survival elements, a guide arrow button in case you get lost, chases, unlockables, additional modes, and QTEs with one of them being the ability to counter enemy attacks.

Now here I will list what each campaign has:

Leon: Coop(play both Leon and Helena), action, horror, swimming, chases, zombies, boss fights, puzzles, creepiness, survival.

Chris: Coop(play both Chris and Piers), intense action, horror, chases, villagers(J’avo), boss fights, puzzles, creepiness, survival, exploration.

Eminem: Coop(play both Eminem and Sherry), intense action, chases, boss fights, puzzles, survival, exploration, hand to hand combat, stealth, villagers(J’avo).

Ada: Coop(play Ada and Agent when playing coop after updating, if you don’t play coop then you will play only Ada), intense action, chases, swimming, boss fights, puzzles, survival, exploration, take double damage, stealth, villagers(J’avo), zombies, creepiness.

There is 1 thing I will question: Why aren’t the chases done via QTEs? I don’t have a problem moving the character during this part, but it feels as it was meant to be done via QTEs.

Bad: ?

Overall: RE6 is a really good game. Its 1 of the best RE games I played and it’s my favorite RE game. The game gives you 4 campaigns that feel different from each other. To me I consider Chris and Eminem’s story tied in 1st place and Ada’s in 2nd place, with Leon being last due to it starts really slow, but Leon’s is not 1 of my faves even though its good. All 4 of them are good that each 1 should have been a XBLA game and then it should have come out as a GOTY edition. I’m liking where the series is going and would like to see more RE games like this. A must buy.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, game play, coop, horror, action, unlocks, modes, stealth, QTEs, and puzzles.

Dislikes: German voice for Chris and Spanish voice for Helena.

Questionable: Chases.

Wish list: Sequel, dlc, more audio options.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: RE, action, horror, stealth, survival, Capcom, arcade, shooters, QTEs, puzzles, comedy, WWE, coop, broops, and wrestling.





Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3(Desperate Escape only on Xbox 360/PS3)

Game Supports Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English text.

Audio Support Bilingual(some English and some Afrikaans)

Supports 1-2 coop offline and online.

Story: Chris Redfield is sent to Africa to team up with Sheva Alomar to arrest Irving who is trying to sell bio-weapons to the black-market, but they must first survive against the villagers. In Desperate Escape Josh and a old friend must go and find Chris and Sheva while fighting the remaining villagers.

Good or Bad Story?: RE5’s main story is really good, but in Desperate Escape there isn’t much story do to the fact as its only an escape and it’s not a bad thing as you will know where it leads. GOOD!

Graphics: RE5 came out in early 2009 and playing it in 2013 the game is still 1 of the best looking games I ever played. Everything is highly detailed from the menus to the characters. However in my 3rd play through there was a bit of screen tearing although its barely noticeable.

Audio: The voice acting is really good, but I would have liked if the characters could speak more languages. And the music is really good from the tense moments to the game’s final theme.

Game play:

Good: RE5 is a 3rd person action survival shooter where you shoot/knife, punch/kick, share items, and solve puzzles. You can shoot/knife enemies in any part of the body and hitting certain body parts can deal more damage and allow you to perform melee attacks. The inventory contains 9 slots for both characters, if you play with a AI partner then you have full control of what your partner can carry, but not when playing with a friend. The inventory allows for sharing items between both characters and allow for shortcuts on the d-pad by placing items on the top, bottom, and left to right of the center slot. And when exiting or beating a chapter the game will allow you to remove and add items before the next chapter begins. Even though it’s not perfect I got used to it. The puzzles are mostly simple except 1, some can be done by 1 player, but some require both players. The game also has some QTEs and they add more of a interaction to some cut scenes and during fights they can help you avoid damage. There are also boss fights, unlocks, a on-screen map which can be turned on or off, a cover system depending on which level(s) your playing on and it works really well, movie browser, explore to find rare items, ammo, healing items, and guns with all items can be sold as well as guns can be bought and upgraded, and on each loading screen there is a history of RE to refresh your memory of the series. Through the game you will always have a partner and your partner will help when you are in danger as well you can give him/her orders to go guns blazing or be more defensive and if you can’t see your partner with the press of a button you can track him/her. The AI for your partner is good, but it’s better to play with a friend. Desperate Escape play’s like the main game except you only fight minions so no boss fights and no puzzles, but it is really fun to play. RE5 has 2 types of controls the classic controls which reminiscence RE4’s controls and the shooter controls which feels like other 3rd person and FPS games. The movement and camera controls for type 1are the same as RE4 as your character can move up, walk backwards, and turn to the left and right and the camera can be moved up, down, and left to right. In type 2 your character can move up, walk backwards, and side step to the left and right and the camera allows you to look up and down, but when moving it to the left and right it turns the character in that direction, but if you hold the run button then the movement in type 2 will change to type 1’s movement. So both of RE5’s controls work and feel really good. Note Desperate Escape must be beaten in 1 play through and you must beat the game once to play the Sheva and Josh’s partner and the vest takes inventory space.

Bad: The AI for your partner can be clumsy at times.

Overall: RE5 is 1 of my favorite games of this console generation and also its 1 of the best RE games I played. Playing it again reminded me how fun the game is. Desperate Escape is just as fun as the main game and could have been its own XBLA game. The game is not scary, but does it make it a bad thing? No cause the game ended up being very fun. While your partner can be clumsy at times he/she does help you a lot and the best way to play is coop. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, game play, puzzles, coop, unlocks, story, boss fights, inventory, partner.

Dislikes: Clumsy AI at times.

Questionable: Why does the vest take inventory space?

Wish list: More audio options.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: RE, action, survival, QTEs, puzzles, Capcom, coop, bro-ops.