Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3

Language Support: Text = Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.

Audio = Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.

Game Supports: 1p offline, 2-16p online

Played in Black side – Japanese, Spanish, and English.

White side – Italian and French.


Story: Jack Cayman and Leo with his comrades are after Max for their own reasons.

Good or Bad Story: The story tries to make you care about it, but the end it just tells you your about to fight. Also you play through 2 campaigns 1 where you play Jack and the other where you play Leo. NOT IMPORTANT!

Graphics: Max Anarchy looks okay, but the cut-scenes look better. The game’s engine is starting to show its age and it makes the game look like an XBOX game when ironically this engine also powers Bayonetta, Madworld, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising which all look really good compared to this game.

Audio: The Japanese, Spanish, and English voices on the Black side(Jack) are really good even the Italian and French voices in the White side(Leo). The music is really good too, its mostly if not Hip Pop and each character has their own theme and so do some of the fights, however; 1 fight had a theme that didn’t suit it. Note that you can change the text and audio in-game.


Good: Max Anarchy is a 3d beat-em up that has 2 stories to playthrough and once beaten can be replayed with different characters. In combat you can use light, heavy(can also be charged), grab, 360 attack(sacrifice health), dodge, block, lock-on, dash(can attack while doing this), items(can carry 2), taunt(angers foes), modifier attacks, rage mode, and executions to take down bosses and grunts. You will go through different locations and there all open for you to explore at your will when you arrive there. Exploring has its benefits as you will find people to fight, power-ups, and missions both free and main. To open up new missions you must earn points and that is done by beating up people that you see in the streets and completing missions. And this game has unlockable stuff like new character for the multiplayer and the story mode as well as a movie browser.

Bad: There is 1 boss fight that is shared between both stories and this fight just sucks. And for some reason on the level select for the white side I could not replay the last chapter even though I beat the game.

Overall: Max Anarchy is a really good beat-em and it’s also a nice addition to a genre that is not seen often now. While it’s fun there isn’t much reason to replay it after beating it the 1st time and no it doesn’t get boring, but it doesn’t offer a reason to replay it. The game was advertise like a fighting game, but it isn’t 1, however; it had the potential to be 1 if it was a 2.5d or 3d 1 like Tekken. I hope Platinum Games see potential that this game has and turn it into a series that can try to revolutionize beat-em ups and somehow make it work a lot like a fighting game, but make sure to make the game look better 1st.

Likes: Music, voices, gameplay, Story.

Dislikes: 1 boss fight, can’t replay the last White side chapter.

Wishlist: Sequel.

Score: 4.5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Madworld, Platinum, Powerstone, beat-em ups, fighters, Capcom, Final Fight, Bear Knuckle.


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