Platforms: GC/XBOX/PS2

Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Bruce Wayne’s mom and dad get shot and eventually causes him to became a hero when he grows up to make sure no one else suffers what he had suffered.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is directly taken from the movie so if you have seen the movie than the plot will be familiar, but it doesn’t happen in the same place or occur the same way. Its good though and Bruce Wayne narrates the whole story. G00D!

Graphics: Batman Begins came out in 2005 and game looked really good back then, now playing it in 2014 the visuals still hold up well except a certain few parts don’t render well in HD. And a cool thing is there are actual clips from the movie in the game to represent cutscenes.

Audio: The music is really good and capture the feel of the Batman universe. The voice acting is really good with the actors from the film reprising their roles from to the movie in the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Batman Begins is 3rd person action-stealth game where you play Batman of course and at times Bruce Wayne. As both men you’ll fight criminals who want to harm Gotham for their own reasons and you’ll do this by punching and kicking them in balls. You can double jump and glide(only as Batman), block, dodge, and counter in combat, but you also will be acquiring gadgets and these can be used in battle to help you get the jump on your foes since fear is the most powerful weapon Batman has. You have some freedom in the game as you can go hand to hand, sneak up on foes, and you can try to scare the criminals to build up your reputation to make them less likely to fight you.

The game also has interrogations where you punch the guy in the stomach to tell you what you want to know and once he tells that then you can continue to punch him or chokeslam him on the ground. There is some platforming, unlockables like costumes, a side camera that shows you other things that are happening, a movie browser, level select, and 3 boss fights. And there is 1 more thing you can drive the Batmobile to crash criminal cars or shoot missiles at them. Also note that both Batman and all the villains have a health bar.

Bad: When entering battle mode which occurs when an lock-on appears on an enemy the camera zooms in to just highlight Batman and 1 enemy and this can cause problems as if there are more than 1 enemy than you pretty much won’t see them unless you move around or turn off the lock on. There are only 2 Batmobile levels, there are some frame rate issues, the gadgets that you acquire can only be used when game says so, and did the developers ever watch the movie? No? Cause in the movie Batman is bulletproof and in the game he is not it makes no sense.

Overall: Batman Begins is a really good game based on movie that I like. Is it perfect? No, as it has issues. Is it the best Batman game? No, to me that goes to Origins. While I do like the Arkham games(City not much) and they are highly praised, but Batman Begins which is first Batman game I played years ago on Gamecube and now on XBOX happens to be a Batman game that I really like a lot and have played a lot as well. And to me is the most fun Batman game I have played and its favorite. This is the only Batman game based on the Dark Knight Movie Trilogy and if you liked the film, then you’ll very likely like this game. Highly recommended.

Note this game works on XBOX 360.

Likes: Graphics, story, voices, music, gameplay.

Dislikes: Not having total freedom of using the gadgets, only 2 Batmobile levels, not bulletproof, zoom in on battle mode, frame rate issues.

Wishlist: HD rerelease so I can get achievements, Batmobile game.


Recommended for fans of: Batman, Time Warner, Superheroes, action, stealth, Splinter Cell, Burnout, Thief, Eurocom, EA.


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