DARKNOVAFORCE here with a message(if its a special 1).

I have decided that I will not review every game that I play as some games just don’t deserve reviews for certain reasons, so instead I will be creating a list of games that I have played, but these will only include the game’s name, the platform their on, and the languages they support in both text and voice acting. But don’t worry I will continue to review games just ceratin 1s. So let me begin the list:


Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC

Game Supports: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Netherlands text.

Audio Support: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.







Platforms: GC/XBOX/PS2

Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p.


Story: Bruce Wayne’s mom and dad get shot and eventually causes him to became a hero when he grows up to make sure no one else suffers what he had suffered.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is directly taken from the movie so if you have seen the movie than the plot will be familiar, but it doesn’t happen in the same place or occur the same way. Its good though and Bruce Wayne narrates the whole story. G00D!

Graphics: Batman Begins came out in 2005 and game looked really good back then, now playing it in 2014 the visuals still hold up well except a certain few parts don’t render well in HD. And a cool thing is there are actual clips from the movie in the game to represent cutscenes.

Audio: The music is really good and capture the feel of the Batman universe. The voice acting is really good with the actors from the film reprising their roles from to the movie in the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Batman Begins is 3rd person action-stealth game where you play Batman of course and at times Bruce Wayne. As both men you’ll fight criminals who want to harm Gotham for their own reasons and you’ll do this by punching and kicking them in balls. You can double jump and glide(only as Batman), block, dodge, and counter in combat, but you also will be acquiring gadgets and these can be used in battle to help you get the jump on your foes since fear is the most powerful weapon Batman has. You have some freedom in the game as you can go hand to hand, sneak up on foes, and you can try to scare the criminals to build up your reputation to make them less likely to fight you.

The game also has interrogations where you punch the guy in the stomach to tell you what you want to know and once he tells that then you can continue to punch him or chokeslam him on the ground. There is some platforming, unlockables like costumes, a side camera that shows you other things that are happening, a movie browser, level select, and 3 boss fights. And there is 1 more thing you can drive the Batmobile to crash criminal cars or shoot missiles at them. Also note that both Batman and all the villains have a health bar.

Bad: When entering battle mode which occurs when an lock-on appears on an enemy the camera zooms in to just highlight Batman and 1 enemy and this can cause problems as if there are more than 1 enemy than you pretty much won’t see them unless you move around or turn off the lock on. There are only 2 Batmobile levels, there are some frame rate issues, the gadgets that you acquire can only be used when game says so, and did the developers ever watch the movie? No? Cause in the movie Batman is bulletproof and in the game he is not it makes no sense.

Overall: Batman Begins is a really good game based on movie that I like. Is it perfect? No, as it has issues. Is it the best Batman game? No, to me that goes to Origins. While I do like the Arkham games(City not much) and they are highly praised, but Batman Begins which is first Batman game I played years ago on Gamecube and now on XBOX happens to be a Batman game that I really like a lot and have played a lot as well. And to me is the most fun Batman game I have played and its favorite. This is the only Batman game based on the Dark Knight Movie Trilogy and if you liked the film, then you’ll very likely like this game. Highly recommended.

Note this game works on XBOX 360.

Likes: Graphics, story, voices, music, gameplay.

Dislikes: Not having total freedom of using the gadgets, only 2 Batmobile levels, not bulletproof, zoom in on battle mode, frame rate issues.

Wishlist: HD rerelease so I can get achievements, Batmobile game.


Recommended for fans of: Batman, Time Warner, Superheroes, action, stealth, Splinter Cell, Burnout, Thief, Eurocom, EA.







Platforms: XBOX 360

Game Supports: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish, and German text.

Audio Support: English, French, Italian(Narrator only), Spanish, and German(Narrator only).

Played in English and Spanish.

Supports 1-2p offline co-op/multiplayer, 2-5p online co-op, 2-10 online multiplayer.


Story: The Locust are back and this time they brought new friends and are aiming to destroy all the cities that still remain. So the Gears must defend their last line of defense Jacinto or they’ll end up losing their home.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is really good for both the main story and the deleted 1. G00D!

Note Gears 2 is a Sequel to Gears 1.

Graphics: Gears 2 came out in 2008 and playing it in 2014 it still holds up very well, but there is a bit of texture loading. It has the visual style as it predecessors, but makes it less grey and a bit more brown.

Audio: The music fits in nicely and the battle cue returns. The English voice acting is really good with the characters that do return are voiced by the same actors from the previous game. The Spanish voices are really good as well except for Carmine’s voice which I don’t like, but the volume drops for some reason at times in Spanish.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: ¬†Gears of War 2 is a 3rd-person shooter where you play Marcus and will always be accompanied by Dom and 1 or 2 more guys. Gears 2 plays like its predecessor so you have the dodge, the cover system that is smoother in 2, shooting, carrying 3 weapons and 1 grenade, the chainsaw gun returns, melee returns, you’ll get to choose some paths at times again, fight 4 bosses, explore, and use the active reload to get a damage boost again to beat the Locust over and over until they give up.

So what’s new in Gears 2? Well you can stick grenades on walls and on enemies. You can execute Locust when they are on their knees or use 1 as a Locust shield. There are new weapons and foes. And there are chainsaw duels!

Bad: ?

Overall: Gears 2 is EPIC FUN TIME! The play is so good I never got tired of killing Locust. In my honest opinion, Gears 2 is the best Gears game even though I said last year Judgment was the best 1, but Judgment is either number 2 or 3. I highly recommend this game as it is 1 of the best games on XBOX. Now maybe I should go to 3?

Likes: Gameplay, graphics, voices, music, story.

Dislikes: Volume drop, texture loading.

Wishlist: Another Gears.

Score: 5/5 EPIC!

Recommended for fans of: Gears, Epic Games, Microsoft, Unreal, Quantum Theory, shooters, People Can Fly, Bulletstorm, Madworld, Binary Domain, Vanquish.






Platforms: XBOX 1/PC

Game Supports: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese text.

Audio Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

Supports 1p offline and 1-2p online co-op.

Played in Spanish.


Story: The citizens of The Lost, California have 72 hours to get out of the zombie infested city before its nuked.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is okay it has a serious tone like the previous Dead Rising games since it is a zombie apocalypse story, but you’ll run into characters that are so weird and there are funny parts. To Dead Rising 3 the story is not the most important thing to game, instead it’s the gameplay that matters. The plot is just there to make you do stuff. 0KAY!

Note that DR3 takes 10 years after DR2.

Graphics: DR3 shares the same visual style as the previous games meaning it has a realistic visual style and it looks really good. However, there are a few moments where the textures load.

Audio: There is some music in this game that is okay and the Spanish voice acting is really good, but at times the volume drops to where I problems hearing what the characters are saying even when increasing the volume on the TV. Note at the time of this review the XBOX 1 only supports 6 languages which are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The other languages that DR3 supports are not available yet so I’m not sure if the game includes voice acting done in those languages, so I will update when those languages are available.


Gameplay and Features:

Good: Dead Rising 3 is a open-world beat-em up where you play Nick Ramos a mechanic who can make pretty much anything and if playing the game in co-op then he is joined by none other than Fatal Fury’s very own Terry Bogard! Terry is a trucker in the game, but he changed the color of his clothes, is now probably over 30, lost so muscle, and doesn’t have his signature moves from his fighting game since that would make him too good. And he calls himself Dick.

So in DR3 you will be going around the city killing zombies with whatever you can find like a chair, a car, a teddy bear, a gun, a tire, a sword, a hand(literally), and so much more. The good thing about the items you pick is that they can be combined to make new weapons or vehicles as long as you have the blue print which are scattered around the city, however, don’t get too attach to 1 item cause overtime it will break. You can jump, dodge, sprint, and go hand to hand on the zombies. There are also upgrades available for your stats and skills. There are main and side missions, costumes, and boss fights. Note if you have the rumble feature on then the controller will rumble when you’re running out of ammo and when your vehicle is about to explode.

Bad: I don’t like the dodge button being on the LSB. The camera is crazy as it can make things hard to see. Picking up the items you want can be a pain when close to other items you don’t want. The loading takes too long and the last missions is stupid.

Overall: DR3 is 1 weird game due to fact that the gameplay doesn’t take itself serious at all since you can use whatever you want and some of combinations in both weapons and vehicles are so weird and out of place in zombie apocalypse. It also has references to other Capcom games like Street Fighter, Rockman(since this franchise was created by the same guy.), and others. It has its issues, but the game is so fun. I have played DR1 and I consider that game to be terrible, I played a bit of Case 0 and it was okay, but DR3 just somehow is able to pull me in and have fun. DR3 is the best retail XBOX 1 game in terms of exclusives with Ryse coming in 2nd place. This is a must have to all XBOX 1 owners.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, voices.

Dislikes: Dodge button, picking items being a problem, audio volume drops, last mission, loading, and camera.

Wishlist: Sequel, dodge mapped to another button, fix picking up items, better camera, faster loading, better last mission.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Dead Rising, Capcom, Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Biohazard.