Platforms: XBOX/PC

Game Supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese text.

Audio Support English only.

Support 1-2p offline and online co-op, 1-4 offline multiplayer, and 2-16 online multiplayer


Story: With the lost of a Halo due to Master Chief destroying it, all hope for the Covenant was lost, but lucky for them they built more than 1 Halo and are going to use another Halo to destroy earth. Master Chief learns of this and is on a mission to destroy another Halo. At the same time a yellow elite is put on trial and is turned in to a Arbiter in order to regain the trust from the higher ups.

Good or Bad Story?: Halo 2’s story is epic and its cinematic. You have to experience the story to understand how good it really is. And Halo 2’s story is pretty much the best story of all the Halo games I played. EPIC!

Graphics: Halo 2 came out in 2004 and playing it in 2014 I got to say…..it has not aged well. The game looks good as its colorful and has environments and some characters mainly the Covenant being well designed, but it also looks bad as well with some characters looking blocky as if they came from an N64 game, Cortana looks ugly and I got to ask what happened to her face?

Some of the environments and machines have washed/muddy textures and the game is also very dark in some areas making it hard to see. And there is some textures that load, but it barely looks different from its original textures.  1 more thing at times reflections from some of the environments stay on screen and it gets annoying as it can make something’s hard to see.

Audio: The music is awesome with some of tracks from the first game being remixed and the other tracks sound like they were composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari the creator of Guilty Gear. The English voice acting is really good, but I would have liked if there were more voice options.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Halo 2 is a 1st-person shooter where you play both Master Chief and Arbiter whose stories occur at the same time or after the other and depending on the level you’ll play 1 or the other. Halo 2 keeps the core mechanics of its prequel like shooting, tbagging, melee, scoping, picking up weapons and exchanging with your AI pals, throwing grenades, jumping, driving vehicles, hitting your AI pals, exploring the environments to find secrets, co-op(offline and online), and using a flashlight(Chief only). But it also introduces new 1s like using 2 guns at the same time(only certain guns) and hijacking your enemy’s vehicles.  Arbiter doesn’t have a flashlight, but instead has camouflage that last 20 sec. so you can be a bit stealthy. And there are 3 boss fights, a level select, and new weapons.

Bad: There is no option to change the crouch button from holding it down to just pressing it. Your flashlight only works in certain areas and if you try to use it in other areas in the game than it will only last for 9 sec. and on top of that it doesn’t make things easier to see in the dark. You can’t melee foes with 2 guns. You can’t take a turret with you. The AI is terrible at driving and if you get out of a vehicle the AI for your fellow marines will try to kill you and leave you behind.

Overall: Halo 2 is such a blast to play alone or with friends, with an epic cinematic story that is so good you would wish the story was on DVD. The game has its issues, but its a sheer amount of fun that gets better and better. Of all the Halo games I have played I got to say Halo 2 is the best 1 yet. A must have.

Likes: Gameplay, music, voices, story.

Dislikes: Graphics, AI driving, no melee with 2 guns, flashlight, no option to change the crouch button from holding to just a press.

Wishlist: Better AI driving, melee with 2 guns, Remake.


Recommended for fans of: Halo, Microsoft, Destiny, Shooters, Scifi, Aliens, Metroid, Bungie, 343.


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