2013 was a great year for gaming and now its time for me to list my GOTY.

Prepare to be surprised on some of the games that made it and didn’t make it.

Be surprised that there will be no console of the year award cause thats a stupid award when its all about the games.

My awards include categories but the games in each category will not be numbered.

XBOX 360

Best action games: DmC, Mgrr, Killer is Dead, Batman Arkham Origins.

Best fps games: Aliens cm.

Best tps games: Lost Planet 3, Tomb Raider 2013, RE Revelations, Dead Space 3, Gears Judgement.

Best fighting games: Injustice.

Best story: Bioshock infinite, DmC, Tomb Raider 2013.

Best dlcs: DmC Vergil, Aliens cm Stasis, DS3 Awakening.

Best beat-em up games: Remember Me, Max Anarchy.

Best graphics: Bioshock infinite, DmC.

Hidden gems of the year: Lost planet 3, Aliens cm, Max Anarchy.

GOTY: DmC, Lost Planet 3, Mgrr, Remember Me, Killer is Dead, RE Revelations.


Best fps game: BF4.

Best beat-em up: Ryse.

Best arcade shooter: Halo Spartan Assault.

Best story: Ryse.

Best fighter: Killer Instinst 3.

Best graphics: BF4, Ryse, KI3.


And now overall what is the game that I had fun with the most in 2013?

Its none other than…….

Coming to your home in 2013 ONLY ON XBOX 1!

Killer Instinct 3


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