Platforms: XBOX 360/ PC/PS3/XBOX 1/PS4

Game Supports: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: Japanese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, & Portuguese.

Supports 1offline, 2-66p online multiplayer(XBOX 1/PS4/PC only).

Played in Polish.


Story: The Russians and the U.S are at high tensions and China is at the brink of war. So it’s up to Recker and his pals to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Good or Bad Story?: BF4’s story is something you will expect from watching war movies, reading about past wars, and if you are in the military than you know what happens. It’s not special, but it’s good enough to give you a reason to fight and it is good. G00D!

Graphics: BF is probably the best looking game on the XBOX 1 that I have played this year. Everything is so well detailed from the environments to you and your weapons. And in BF4 you can pretty much destroy anything and even that looks good as it resembles the destruction seen in movies.

Audio: The music in the game which pops up at certain moments is good and it is the type of music you will hear in war movies. This is the first game I got to play with Polish voice acting and at first 1 Irish’s voice was weak, but the more I played it ended up being good as the other character’s Polish voices. Oh and unlike the majority of games where the only way to access the other voice tracks which is done by changing the console language, in BF4 you have 9 voice tracks which are all accessible through the options menu in the game, sweet!

Gameplay and Features:

Good: BF4 is 1st-person shooter and has the standard fps mechanics like shooting, changing weapons, throwing grenades, tbagging, jumping, sniping, melee, and running. So what separates BF4 from other FPS?

Well in BF4 you can change the fire mode of some weapons, most guns have an accessory on it like a scope/laser sight/flashlight, you can lean from the sides of a wall and shoot, you can aim from cover, you can give orders to your teammates, unlock dog tags in story mode, you have deposits which are your bombs and can switch them at any time when there is a deposit armory, and vehicles that you use to run over baddies. Unlock other fps’s in BF4 you unlock weapons by either picking up an enemy weapon or by doing certain task and once you unlock weapons you can go to the armory that is in each level and switch to the guns that you want to use.

Also in BF4 running and gunning won’t work all the time so you will need to figure out the best way to beat the baddies or you’ll die quick, and to help in strategizing your given a binocular that can highlight all the threats in each level. Another is everything can pretty much be destroyed so don’t rely on the hard surface to protect you forever. And the game has 3 endings and a level select.

Bad: Since Recker is always with his friends, it comes as shock that there is no co-op in the story mode. It would have been nice to have this feature. Your pals can push you from cover when their moving around so make sure that they are not too close to you, otherwise they will leave you open to attack. For the most part vehicles have controls; however, the tank and truck are a bit harder to control from my experience. All vehicles are controlled from 1st-person, but the tank and truck should have been in 3rd-person as they don’t benefit being in 1st-person especially the tank which is harder to know where its turning.

And from my experience playing all the guns have a large recoil that can make shooting harder and sniping from a far is not easy unless you do it a lot closer and the game pretty much wants you to be really good with your shots or you’ll waste ammo. And you can execute the baddies with your knife, but when the animation for the execution happens it makes it look more like a karate chop to neck and that really makes it look bad, could have been better.

Overall: So does BF4 put COD: GHOST to shame? I don’t know since I haven’t played the full version of Ghost. BF4 is a solid fps and it surprised me that I ended up liking it since the last BF game I played Bad Company 2 I ended up not liking. The controls are good for the most part and aiming is ruff along with a terrible execution from the knife among other stuff. BF4 is really good, but it does give off a feeling that it might get boring overtime. And next time add co-op.

Likes: Graphics, story, gameplay, voices, music.

Dislikes: No co-op, tank/truck controls, stabbing, friends can push you, aiming is ruff.

Wishlist: Co-op, tank/truck get better controls, better stabbing, no pushing, fine-tune aiming.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Battlefield, EA, DICE, COD, military, vehicles, Brothers in Arms, Titanfall, Respawn, Infinity Ward.


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