Platforms: XBOX 360/XBOX/PC

Game Supports: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Italian, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, & Italian.

Supports 1-2p offline/online coop, 1-4p offline multiplayer/2-16p online.

Played in Japanese.


Story: The Covenant have destroyed the planet Reach and are aiming to destroy Earth next. So they created the Halo a weapon which can destroy whatever the Covenant want, so to make sure that doesn’t happen Captain Jacob entrust Cortana to make sure the awakened super soldier Master Chief puts a stop to the Covenant and to ensure the safety of humanity in his hands.

Good or Bad Story: The story starts really slow, but half-way through the game it gets better as the story starts to pick up a lot more. The thing is I found the story to be overshadowed by the game’s gameplay. The story ends up being entertaining even though Chief doesn’t interact a lot with others and have conversations, he just takes orders and does all the fighting while everyone else is on vacation. G00D!

Graphics: Halo CEA runs on the Reach engine and it allows the visuals to have more detailed textures and better effects as well as better graphics than the original. The game looks good, but it doesn’t look better than Halo3-4. The visuals are at the same quality as the 360 launch titles, but in a way it also looks like it could run on the original XBOX(not a bad thing if it could). And finally 1 cool feature is the ability to switch between the remake and original visuals all through a press of the back button bringing that nostalgic feeling back(even the remade visuals give off a nostalgic feeling).

Audio: Halo CEA contains the original themes and remastered versions of the original themes with both being really good. The voice acting in Japanese is superb although you won’t hear Chief talk a lot, he barely does.  What’s weird is Halo CEA on 360 is the only Halo game on the 360 that contains multiple audio options in all regions where you can buy the game since the other Halo’s do have multiple audio options, but you have to buy them in specific regions to hear the character(s) speak other languages. For example if you want to play Halo 4 with Japanese audio then you will have to buy the Japanese version otherwise the USA version will only contain the Japanese text. I would like to see the other dubs be included in all regions in future Halo games.

Gameplay and features:

Good: Halo CEA is a sci-fi fps with an almost open world like world. As Master Chief you will be gunning down, tbagging, grenade throwing, punching and car crashing the Covenant(or your AI friends) all day long. You have at your disposal human and Covenant weapons(can only carry 2 weapons at a time and can switch weapons with Ai teammates) as well as 2 types grenades a sticky and a time sensitive 1. You can go at it alone or with a friend(offline/online) in story mode(note both players will be Master Chief, but with different colors). Halo contains different types of vehicles, some are for land and others are for flying and some vehicles allow for more than 1 person to be on it. The controls for both Chief and the vehicles are responsive and tight.

The game’s levels are big and allow for more than 1 way to get to some main objectives like your enemies could be in cave and the cave has 3 ways to get in so you can pick which way to get in and surprise them from nowhere. If you explore around the levels you can find, skulls(can alter the game in your favor or not in your favor), health packs(Chief can recover health units with these) , terminals(new to the remake these give you insight on the history of the Halo universe and things that could come in the future), and orbs(red for armor and blue for camouflage).

There are some cool feature to some of the mechanics like when crouching if you move the LS stick a bit then Chief will walk, but if you push the LS stick/dpad all the way forward then Chief will stand up and walk like normal, but if you stop he will crouch again a very nice feature indeed. Chief has 2 ways of recovering, he can recover health when he’s not taking damage and the health packs can recover his health units that he lost so he can recover faster. The Ai for the Covenant is good as depending on their class they will run away, dodge, or rush at you. And the last good feature is the ability to select levels.

Bad: The frame rate does drop a bit at times. And the PC version does not include coop only the console versions.

Questionable: The Ai for your teammates is odd when their on a vehicle. For some reason if you want to say use the turret or be on the passenger seat as soon as you press the button to interact they leave the vehicle and instead of getting in on another part of the vehicle they will go back to the beginning of the level. I find it strange that they will just leave you, but the funny thing is if you get in the driver’s seat then they will return to the vehicle. None of that makes sense. The good thing though their barely with you.

Overall: Halo CEA is a really good game that gives off that nostalgic feeling and it can be enjoyed with friends. It has good story that starts slow, but gets better half-way. Having the ability to switch between the new and old visuals is a plus. The gameplay is so satisfying that it will makes you want to play more of it and find everything that you may have missed. It has some minor issues with the frame rate and a shame that the PC version doesn’t have coop, but it is so fun it’s definitely a must have. And it has a really cool looking character.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, gameplay, story.

Dislikes: Frame drops and no coop for PC version.

Wishlist: Multiple audio options in all versions of Halo in all regions.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Halo, Bungie, Microsoft, shooters, Conduit, sci-fi, action, adventure, coop, Aliens, 343.


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