Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC/WII U

Game Supports: Italian, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Polski, and English text.

Audio Support: Italian, German, Spanish, French, and English.

Supports 1p offline story mode and 3-8p online multiplayer.

Played in Italian.


Story: It’s been 2 years since Bruce Wayne became Batman and he has been stopping crime left and right, up and down. Cause of this the criminal overlords have been in panic mode so a criminal that goes by the name Black Mask presses the “Super Panic Button” and puts a bounty on Bats on Christmas eve and 8 assassins are now after the Bat. Can Batman defeat all 8 assassins and get his hands on Black Mask or will he die before he opens his presents?

Good or Bad Story?: The story is really good. It is on the same caliber as the 1st Arkham game, it feels like you’re watching the story of the 90s Batman cartoon and it’s that good. G00D!

Graphics: Origins got a graphical upgrade over its predecessors not in a graphical style, but it has more textures and it looks sharper. It looks good and a cool about the game is the more you get further in the game the more you will see the damages on Batman’s suit. However, there is a bit of screen tearing, but it is barely noticeable.

Audio: The Italian voice acting is really good and the Batman and other characters from the previous games are voiced by the same actors from the previous games. The music is really well done and it has the feel of the live action movies and it works for the game.

Gameplay and Features:

Good: Origins is a action-adventure stealth game that is set in an open world Gotham City. You can explore the city at will(and get to use the Bat jet)  and in the city you can solve puzzles, fight crime, do sub-missions, story missions,  and just look around if you choose to do that. You can use the map to find anything and the good thing is you can mark a spot on the map and the bat signal will guide you.  As Batman you can handle any situation in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Use stealth and spread fear to all that oppose you.

2. Start punching foes 1 by 1 until they can’t get up.

So choose wisely.

For both styles you can use your gadgets(many are unlocked in the beginning) , use detective mode to see all the threats, and use your mobility. Detective mode allows you to not only see foes, but it also is used to solve crime scenes and when using it to solve crimes you get to see how it happened. Bat’s mobility is really good he can walk, run, slide, glide, and crouch(also tbag). The combat is really good you can attack, counter(you can counter more than 1 attack), and stun your foes. If you can build up your combo you will be able to use takedowns. Your combat skills, stealth skills, and weapons are all upgradeable. You can zoom in on far away objects, unlock bio’s, do challenges/play challenge mode, and unlock costumes.  The highlight of the game is the boss fights, each 1 is design for Batman to use his knowledge to defeat them meaning he has to use certain skills to even touch them.

Bad: ?

Questionable: 1. The game is called Arkham Origins, but the game’s story is not an origin story of Arkham Asylum and not even the origin of Batman. So why call it origins?

2. Why is the city full of criminals only? Where are the citizens?

3. Why are some of the assassins in sub-missions and not in the main story missions like the others?

Differences between versions:

The 360/PS3/PC versions include story mode, challenge maps, and online multiplayer. These versions will also include dlc.

The Wii U version includes story mode and challenge maps. However, it does not have online multiplayer since WB chose to screw Wii U owners and they may not get dlc and if the Wii U version does get dlc it will likely be a released really late.

If you own multiple consoles I recommend getting the 360/PS3/PC versions if you want the whole package. If all you want is 1p content than the Wii U version is the 1 to get, but you will have to pay the same price as the PC version for the Wii U version so your pretty much getting ripped off.

Overall: Origins feels familiar since it goes by the same basis as the previous games and that is good, but it doesn’t do anything new and to some they might not give it a try as the want something new. But even though it doesn’t do something new it is still a great experience to have. I consider this the best Batman game to date, it tops Asylum and it is a whole lot better than City.

For the next Batman game I would like it if it was set in a different Batman universe since the Arkham universe already feels done. It’s time for something new like a Batman Beyond game that is a sequel to the show or maybe a Batman game set in a not so popular Batman universe?

Likes: Graphics, gameplay, voices, music, story.

Dislikes: Screen tearing.

Wishlist: New Batman game in a different universe.

Score: 5/5 IM BATMAN!

Recommended for fans of: Batman, DC, Justice League, Superheroes, Time Warner, Remember Me, Spiderman.


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