Platforms: XBOX 360

Game Supports: Japanese text only.

Supports 1p only.


Story: A young elf girl and her elf grandma are riding their bird to go somewhere when all of a sudden an angry bird comes from nowhere and attacks them. They get separated and the young girl must reunite with her grandma and bird.

Good or Bad Story: The story which is shown by slideshows is not bad there is no text that tells you anything, but the images give you the insider of what’s happening. G00D!

Graphics: The game is in 2d. The art style is really good, it looks like a Christmas cartoon that became a game.

Audio: The music is cheerful like your having a good time.

Game play and Features:

Good: Coron De Jump is a plat former where you will have to jump a lot to get to the end of a stage. You can move when standing and crouching. You can glide using your umbrella when jumping. In each stage there will be nuts that you can collect to gain extra lives and there will be balloons that will give you extra nuts(for some reason the girl likes nuts). The game also has bonus stages and 1 boss. Finally in Coron De Jump in each regular stage there will be enemies, however; you can’t hit them as the girl is not a fighter and the left side of the screen will start moving on all regular stages fast so you have to avoid touching the characters on the screen and the moving screen or you will lose a life. And the game has unlock able cut scenes.

Bad: ?

Overall: Coron de Jump is a fun plat former that is short( takes less than 30 min to beat), but seems to be short on purpose. Looking at it the game it is meant for those who don’t have a lot time to play games, so this game is meant for those people and for $1 it’s worth it. Highly recommended.

Likes: Music, graphics, game play, story, cut scenes.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequel or dlc, coop.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Plat formers, cartoons, Mario, Nintendo, mobile games.


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