Platforms: XBOX 360/PS1/PS3/VITA

Game Supports: Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English text.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p only.


Story: Someone is trying to resurrect Lord Dracula, its up to you to find out who and why?

G00D or Bad Story?: The story is okay and there are multiple endings, however; you won’t hear much about the story in the game. The reason is cause the game is focusing more on the game play. 0KAY!

Graphics: The game looks good in HD and the game offers you options to change the screen size and graphic filters.

Audio: The music is some best I ever heard. The voice acting is cheesy, but good even though the actors seem to be trying really hard to get the voices of each character right.

Game play and Features:

G00D: CSOTN is a 2d action-adventure game that has 2 playable characters with different fighting styles who will explore Dracula’s Castle and fight monsters to get to the main villain. You can tbag, explore, solve puzzles(not actual puzzles), pick items, and buy items. The puzzles in the game are more like figuring out how to reach a certain parts of the castle. Items are obtained by fighting monsters and destroying certain objects, but you can also get these items by going to the merchant and buying them. Some of the items will help you in battle while the others will help your stats. The game also has rpg elements meaning you can level up your level, hp, mp, and hearts. Hearts are required to use your sub-weapons, you can pick up different sub-weapons, however; you can only carry 1 sub-weapon at a time. The game also includes a map, upgrades for both characters, save stations, secrets, bosses, and control config.

Alucard and Richter are the playable characters, both will traverse the castle differently and will fight some different enemies.

Alucard can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has magic(done by doing fighting game motions.), can moonwalk, gain upgrades,  and use 2 weapons at once.

Richter can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has a slide, back flip, special attack, and gain upgrades.

Bad: The only thing that can be considered bad is you can’t sell every item you acquire, however; you can move the items around.

Overall: CSOTN is a really good game, nuff said. If you’re a fan of games that allow you to explore dungeons then you need to try this game. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, and game play.

Dislikes: Can’t sell some items(not a big deal).

Wish list: All items should have resell value, another Castlevania game like CSOTN.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, Castlevania, Konami, side-scrollers, Metroid, Vampires, Monsters, and Horror.


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