Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC

Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Support 1p.


Story: Blade Wolf recalls his memories of his past before he met Raiden and trying to find if he could have freedom.

Good or Bad Story: The story does a good job of telling Blade Wolf’s live of what he had to deal with and how he came to be the dog he is now. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are really good using the same style as the main game showing nice details of the environment and characters.

Audio: The voice acting is superb, but would have still liked if they included the Japanese voices and other dubs. The music is epic especially on the ending.

Game play and Features:

Good: Blade Wolf’s controls are the same as Raiden so there is no need to learn a new control scheme, however; Blade plays different due to his size and shape. He uses light and heavy attack to do combos, he can also use his dash to attack, he has a dodge as well as a parry(an easier 1), he also has Raiden’s visor that allows him to see through things.  Wolf will do a bit of plat forming and he can do his missions by using force or stealth with stealth being his specialty and he can collect items(some can be equipped), destroy some objects, do vr missions, and lay down. Also he has a boss fight. And….BLADE MODE.

Bad: The parry is still forward and light attack when it should be mapped to a button since at times Wolf may parry when you don’t want too. The camera is a pain in the ass as the controls for it fight against you since it wants you to see what “it” wants. There are no upgrades and while you can use force the game pretty much punishes you for using force as Blade Wolf has a hard time dealing with more than 1 character in a fight, so the game insist that you use stealth instead. Since you should use stealth the game should have had some upgrades available.

Overall: Blade Wolf’s adventure is more geared to traditional MG so if you’re a fan of stealth than this dlc is for you, but if you’re looking for more action than Sam’s dlc is for you. On side note this dlc should have been an unlock able for Rising than be a download.

Likes: Game play, graphics, voices, music, and story.

Dislikes: Having to be punished for using force, no upgrades, and camera.

Wish list: Better camera, upgrades, allow for equal use of force and stealth, and other dubs.

Score: 4/5 G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Metal Gear, stealth, Splinter Cell, Konami, Platinum Games, dogs.


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