Platforms: XBOX 360/PS1/PS3/VITA

Game Supports: Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English text.

Audio Support: English only.

Supports 1p only.


Story: Someone is trying to resurrect Lord Dracula, its up to you to find out who and why?

G00D or Bad Story?: The story is okay and there are multiple endings, however; you won’t hear much about the story in the game. The reason is cause the game is focusing more on the game play. 0KAY!

Graphics: The game looks good in HD and the game offers you options to change the screen size and graphic filters.

Audio: The music is some best I ever heard. The voice acting is cheesy, but good even though the actors seem to be trying really hard to get the voices of each character right.

Game play and Features:

G00D: CSOTN is a 2d action-adventure game that has 2 playable characters with different fighting styles who will explore Dracula’s Castle and fight monsters to get to the main villain. You can tbag, explore, solve puzzles(not actual puzzles), pick items, and buy items. The puzzles in the game are more like figuring out how to reach a certain parts of the castle. Items are obtained by fighting monsters and destroying certain objects, but you can also get these items by going to the merchant and buying them. Some of the items will help you in battle while the others will help your stats. The game also has rpg elements meaning you can level up your level, hp, mp, and hearts. Hearts are required to use your sub-weapons, you can pick up different sub-weapons, however; you can only carry 1 sub-weapon at a time. The game also includes a map, upgrades for both characters, save stations, secrets, bosses, and control config.

Alucard and Richter are the playable characters, both will traverse the castle differently and will fight some different enemies.

Alucard can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has magic(done by doing fighting game motions.), can moonwalk, gain upgrades,  and use 2 weapons at once.

Richter can use items, tbag, attack while standing, crouching, and jumping, has a slide, back flip, special attack, and gain upgrades.

Bad: The only thing that can be considered bad is you can’t sell every item you acquire, however; you can move the items around.

Overall: CSOTN is a really good game, nuff said. If you’re a fan of games that allow you to explore dungeons then you need to try this game. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, music, voices, and game play.

Dislikes: Can’t sell some items(not a big deal).

Wish list: All items should have resell value, another Castlevania game like CSOTN.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, Castlevania, Konami, side-scrollers, Metroid, Vampires, Monsters, and Horror.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/WIIU

Game Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1-4p offline and online coop.


Story: A Sorceress is trying to revive a fiend that can destroy Mystara and our heroes must stop before the fiend is revived.

Good or Bad Story?: This beat-em up does focus on its story and its a good 1. Its predictable, but even so its good. G00D!

Graphics: This game came out in the arcades in the 90s and playing it in 2013 on the current consoles the game’s visuals hold up very well. You have option to change the graphics filter and screen size.

Audio: The music is well done and the voice acting is good although there isn’t much to it.

Game play:

Good: D& D is a beat-em up rpg arcade game that feels like a fighting game that supports coop both online(drop-in/out) and offline with 4 people. The game includes 6 playable characters each with an alternate costume who you can name whatever you want and yes you can name them bad words. In combat you have close range attacks that can hit enemies standing in front of you, below the belt, use SF motions to use more attacks, and attack those that are lying on the floor. Each also has an inventory that gives them access to more attacks, but depends on the character and each character has a special attack that is powerful that requires health.

During fights enemies tend to drop items and you can pick them up to get points and other stuff. At the end of each level your character will level and gain something like an item or extra cash as well as take you to a shop to purchase items. Now another thing during levels you may get the option to select where to go next and the choices you make may take you to a shortcut of the level. Finally you can also select any level after you beat the game, you can also run away from fights, unlock stuff, and you will fight some tough bosses.

Bad: ?

Overall: D & D is a really good beat-em up that offers 6 playable characters that give the game variety of play styles. It is 1 of the best beat-em ups available now and is best played with friends as this game is not easy when you fight a boss. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, game play, music, and story.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequel.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Dragons, dungeons, Capcom, beat-em ups, fighters, coop, and rpgs.






Platforms: XBOX 360

Game Supports: Japanese text only.

Supports 1p only.


Story: A young elf girl and her elf grandma are riding their bird to go somewhere when all of a sudden an angry bird comes from nowhere and attacks them. They get separated and the young girl must reunite with her grandma and bird.

Good or Bad Story: The story which is shown by slideshows is not bad there is no text that tells you anything, but the images give you the insider of what’s happening. G00D!

Graphics: The game is in 2d. The art style is really good, it looks like a Christmas cartoon that became a game.

Audio: The music is cheerful like your having a good time.

Game play and Features:

Good: Coron De Jump is a plat former where you will have to jump a lot to get to the end of a stage. You can move when standing and crouching. You can glide using your umbrella when jumping. In each stage there will be nuts that you can collect to gain extra lives and there will be balloons that will give you extra nuts(for some reason the girl likes nuts). The game also has bonus stages and 1 boss. Finally in Coron De Jump in each regular stage there will be enemies, however; you can’t hit them as the girl is not a fighter and the left side of the screen will start moving on all regular stages fast so you have to avoid touching the characters on the screen and the moving screen or you will lose a life. And the game has unlock able cut scenes.

Bad: ?

Overall: Coron de Jump is a fun plat former that is short( takes less than 30 min to beat), but seems to be short on purpose. Looking at it the game it is meant for those who don’t have a lot time to play games, so this game is meant for those people and for $1 it’s worth it. Highly recommended.

Likes: Music, graphics, game play, story, cut scenes.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequel or dlc, coop.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Plat formers, cartoons, Mario, Nintendo, mobile games.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English text.

Supports 1p.


Story: Sparkster is doing some yard work when all of a sudden a airship which containing wolfs attack his home, seeing this Sparkster goes inside his home to get his gear to became ROCKET KNIGHT. Now he is the only hope his people have, can he stop the villains or will they lay the smack down on him?

Good or Bad Story: The story is not bad, but it’s mostly overshadowed by the game play. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are great, the characters have a cartoony look to them, but the menus could do without that bright orange. And  because of the menus being bright orange depending on what language you have the menus on it can be hard to see the text.

Audio: The music is good and its has a heroic feel.

Game play and Features:

Good: Rocket Knight is a action-adventure plat former where you can fly, jump, slash, shoot, solve puzzles, and tbag. You can fly at anytime as long as you have rocket fuel, you can jump and after a jump you can use some fuel to hover for a few seconds. You can hang from ceilings and from there you can attack and fly. Sparkster can use his sword to land a hit on enemies as well as reflect some projectiles. He also has a gun for range attacks and using some fuel allows him to use more powerful attack with both weapons. All of his attacks will fill up his combo meter.

There are levels where your grounded and there are some that take place in the sky. In the sky levels you have speed boost, slash/shoot attack, and charge attacks. When taking damage you need to find heart tokens and you can find Sparkster tokens to gain extra lives. Rubies are available to build up your score. All loading screens contain hints, the game also gives 2 modes of play arcade and free play(level select), there will be boss fights, and unlock able costumes.

Bad: Your shots are only medium range and cause of that the gun feels worthless unless you use to solve some puzzles. There is no options to upgrade your character’s stats which would have been helpful.

Overall: Rocket Knight is fun and enjoyable on all levels, however; with the gun not being great for fighting and the bright orange menu making certain text be unreadable, it has some work that needs to be fixed in future entries in the series.

Likes: Graphics, music, game play, and unlocks.

Dislikes: Orange menus and gun.

Wish list: Upgrades and better menu color.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, plat formers, Rocket Knight, Konami, Climax.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PC/PSP/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English text.

Audio Support: Japanese and English.

Supports 1-2p offline and 1-6p online.

Played in Japanese and English.


Story: Some fight for love and justice, others fight to help those important to them, and others are just bat-shit insane.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good, but confusing as in story mode each character have different paths that they can take. 1 path leads to their actual story, another leads to a comedy sketch, and the other leads to their destruction.  And another thing when characters come in contact with each other in their own stories it can be hard to guess which part of the story actually happened and which 1 is just a “what if”. It’s cool that there are different paths, but these paths end up making the story really confusing if you want to know what’s really happening. Arcade mode gives some tidbits of the story mode which is nice.

The story mode is like watching a play at a theater. You’ll mostly see the characters standing and talking to each other, but at times you will see some still images and cut scenes. G00D!

Graphics: Blazblue’s characters are in 2d(there actually 3d models just that 2d art was placed on top of the 3d models) and the stages are in 3d. The stages look really good and are some of the best looking stages in fighting game, but the characters are a different story. While the 2d designs of the characters are good the textures on them is kind of uneven as some characters look like they were made using the Guilty Gear engine and some look like they were made using a new graphics engine.

While the game does look good the uneven textures on the characters make them look out-dated and the cut scenes in story mode look terrible and are poorly designed.

Audio: The music is really good especially the opening theme. The voice acting in Japanese is superb even the English voices are really good. I would like it if future Blazblue’s include other dubs like a Spanish dub.

Game play and Features:

Good: Blazblue is a 2d fighter that has 12 characters and each 1 is different from the other. The mechanics include:

Jumping(some characters have double jumps) and high jumps.

Dashing(some can’t dash and some can air dash)

Combos(ground and air)




Guard breaks





Negative states.

Dashing is good to get in on your opponent or back away from them. However, dashing too much backwards can lead to negative state and when this happens your character will start “sweating red” and if you get hit in this state you will take more damage as the game does not like keep away and it forces players to learn to be offensive. Comboing involves chain combos using Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks for the most part as well as including drives, special moves, launchers, links, cancels, throws, off the ground attacks, and supers. Drives are characters special abilities like life regain, countering, and freezing. Blazblue also wants to you learn how to manage meter as you will need meter make the most out of a character since you will have to use Cancels and Distortions a lot. Cancels can help extend combos and requires 50% meter and it can be used on the ground and air when performing combos, special moves, launchers, and supers. Distortions(supers) are a character’s most powerful moves that require mostly 50% meter, but at times require 100% meter.

Guard breaks occur when you block a lot and when your guard meter goes to zero leaving you open for an attack and taking more damage. To avoid guard breaks you can use instant block which is like a parry or use barrier(requires meter) to reduce the amount of guard meter that you would lose. If your opponent keeps pounding on you then using burst will put some distance between you and him/her as long as you have a burst icon. Also when getting hit if you’re enemy’s next attack misses or if you land on the ground you can press a button to return to a neutral state and start fighting back just don’t press the button more than once or you will leave yourself open for an attack. And finally each character has a Astral Heat(fatality) that can be used to instantly win a match as long as your opponent has 30% health, you have 100% meter, a burst icon, and it’s the last round. Landing 1 of these is awesome, but you’re not invulnerable so use it when your enemy least expect it.

A cool feature that this game has is that each move for a character has a description telling you what that move does so you won’t have to blindly guess what that move does if your new to the game. This game also had some nice modes like arcade, story, replay, score attack, and online play with rank and player matches. If you play online you can choose on the criteria’s for your match like how many people can play, what connection bars you will accept, as well as what skill level, and etc. And you can unlock stuff.

Bad: The Astral Heats must be unlocked to be used which I find dumb when it’s part of the combat mechanics. Why would I have to unlock it  in a fighter? Also the Astral Heats end up being useless do to the fact that there slow and easy to see coming. Another thing is comboing must be done perfectly or your opponent can easily escape by pressing a button which is not good as there shouldn’t be an option for your opponent to escape when they’re not using burst. And thus can throw off newcomers if they want to get better as this feature can make them not want to play anymore. The burst is a double edge sword as not only can it put distance between you and your opponent, but it puts you on a high risk of taking more damage for no reason and rewarding your opponent to use a fatality a lot earlier.

Overall: Blazblue CT is a good fighter that has a good story and some solid mechanics, however; some mechanics end being useless or just bad and the story can cause confusion do to there being different paths that lead to different outcomes. And the graphics could use some work in certain areas.

Likes: Story, game play, modes, music, voices, and graphics.

Dislikes: Story can cause confusion on what’s really happening, some game play mechanics are not that well made, and some parts of the graphics are uneven/look bad.

Wish list: More dubs for the voice acting, remove some mechanics like the Astral Heat, Story should not cause confusion.

Score: 4/5 G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Ark systems, Capcom, Street Fighter, KOF, SNK, Cartoons, Needless.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3

Game Supports: Japanese and English text.

Audio Support Japanese and English.

Supports 1p only.

Played in Japanese.


Story: Mondo Zappa is a executioner who wields a sword and has a prosthetic arm, whose job is to kill the scum of the earth…only if he has a contract.

Good or Bad Story?: The story in the game is cut down in to episodes and each is treated like a day in life. Like what may happen in 1 episode may not have a connection to the next episode, but some episodes do have connection to each other. Also the story is funny at times and there are parts of some episodes that get really weird. G00D!

Graphics: Killer is Dead runs on the Unreal 3 Engine and it looks awesome. It takes the visual style of the HD versions of No More Heroes with the colors of Killer 7. While it looks awesome there are issues with the visual like in some areas it can be hard to see, there is also some screen tearing during game play, but not during the cut scenes, and there are some slowdown in some cut scenes.

Audio: The Japanese voice acting is really good. The music is well done and it features popular Japanese band Jesse and The Bonez.

Game play and Features:

Good: Killer is Dead is a action game where you can hack and slash, punch, dodge, tbag, take cover, and shoot. For slashing you have many options like just doing regular slashes allows you to perform combos and if you reach your maximum combo then you can use a Final Judgment which is a finisher and depending which of the 4 face buttons you press you get a unique reward. And there is also Adrenaline Burst which is a 1 hit finisher(except on bosses) that can be activated at anytime as long as you have blood in your blood meter(and how much you have determines how many enemies you can use it on). Now Mondo has a punch that can be used in combos; however, its main purpose is to break an enemies guard so if your opponent is blocking just puch him/her as many times as needed to break their guard.

Dodging is essential to the meta game as it can help you escape from many situations. If you can perfect a dodge you can perform a counter attack called Dodge Burst which gives you a freebie assault on your target. The dodge button also allow for guarding like a regular guard and a Just Guard that causes the enemy to lose balance and provide you a freebie attack. You can also shoot at enemies by aiming you metal arm if you have blood in your blood meter, you can still shoot if you don’t have blood but the shots will be weak. When aiming you can take cover behind object and nothingness as well this allows you to tbag your enemies once their dead. This game allows you to check your stats like what level your health and blood meter are at and allows for upgrading on the fly. There also tips in the loading screen and in the office. The difficulty can be adjusted for each level before starting. Some object are destructible, enemies can hit each other, and enemies can drop items after their killed. The game also contains some weird boss fights, main missions, side missions, gigolo mission(dating the girls), and challenge missions.

Bad: The game’s camera is bad as it can make it hard to see in small rooms and it zooms out, but never tends to follow the character. There is no lock-on and since it doesn’t have 1 it makes many of the boss fights tough. Even though you can take cover you can’t shoot while in cover. And if you exit a level at any point when you come back you will have to redo the level from the beginning.

Overall: Suda 51’s latest game is really good, weird, and funny just like his previous games.  The game is similar to No More Heroes in terms of combat, but still ends up having its own identity. It has issues, but I got to say that Killer is dead is still 1 of the best action games of 2013. A must have if you want to try something that is out of this world.

Likes: Graphics, game play, music, voices, story, and weirdness.

Dislikes: Camera, screen tearing, no lock-on, no aiming during cover, slowdowns, some darkness in the graphics, and restarting levels if exiting.

Wish list: better: Camera, no screen tearing, lock-on, aiming during cover, no slowdowns, easy to see in the darkness in the graphics, and actual checkpoints in a level.


Recommended for fans of: Grasshopper Manufacture, Killer 7, No More Heroes, Action, comedy, weird, Platinum Games, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadow of the Damned.






Platforms: XBOX 360/PS3/PC

Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Support 1p.


Story: Blade Wolf recalls his memories of his past before he met Raiden and trying to find if he could have freedom.

Good or Bad Story: The story does a good job of telling Blade Wolf’s live of what he had to deal with and how he came to be the dog he is now. G00D!

Graphics: The graphics are really good using the same style as the main game showing nice details of the environment and characters.

Audio: The voice acting is superb, but would have still liked if they included the Japanese voices and other dubs. The music is epic especially on the ending.

Game play and Features:

Good: Blade Wolf’s controls are the same as Raiden so there is no need to learn a new control scheme, however; Blade plays different due to his size and shape. He uses light and heavy attack to do combos, he can also use his dash to attack, he has a dodge as well as a parry(an easier 1), he also has Raiden’s visor that allows him to see through things.  Wolf will do a bit of plat forming and he can do his missions by using force or stealth with stealth being his specialty and he can collect items(some can be equipped), destroy some objects, do vr missions, and lay down. Also he has a boss fight. And….BLADE MODE.

Bad: The parry is still forward and light attack when it should be mapped to a button since at times Wolf may parry when you don’t want too. The camera is a pain in the ass as the controls for it fight against you since it wants you to see what “it” wants. There are no upgrades and while you can use force the game pretty much punishes you for using force as Blade Wolf has a hard time dealing with more than 1 character in a fight, so the game insist that you use stealth instead. Since you should use stealth the game should have had some upgrades available.

Overall: Blade Wolf’s adventure is more geared to traditional MG so if you’re a fan of stealth than this dlc is for you, but if you’re looking for more action than Sam’s dlc is for you. On side note this dlc should have been an unlock able for Rising than be a download.

Likes: Game play, graphics, voices, music, and story.

Dislikes: Having to be punished for using force, no upgrades, and camera.

Wish list: Better camera, upgrades, allow for equal use of force and stealth, and other dubs.

Score: 4/5 G00D!

Recommended for fans of: Metal Gear, stealth, Splinter Cell, Konami, Platinum Games, dogs.