Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game Supports Italian, Spanish, German, French, and English text.

Audio Support English only.

Supports 1p only.

Story: Deadpool wants a game based on himself so he hires High moon to make the game, but the CEO refuses until Deadpool blows up a portion of the studio. After that happens the CEO of High moon calls Deadpool to tell him that they will send the script for the game and as soon as he gets it Deadpool grabs a crayon and starts changing the script to his liking and the adventure begins.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is good as you see it from Deadpool’s view, but the story has another story within the story and it starts going crazy as soon as the game begins. It doesn’t take itself serious and that’s because you play a character that is self aware. GOOD!

Graphics: The game looks good, but I would have liked if the developers went with a more cell-shaded look.

Audio: The music is well done, but the voice acting is really good as Nolan North once again voices Deadpool and he narrates the game all the way and will also say some really funny things.

Game play:

Good: Deadpool is a 3rd person hack and slash action shooter where you can slash, shoot, and teleport/counter your way through the game. The shooting works in 2 ways press the fire button to shoot and then you can move the camera to select who you want to shoot in the balls. The second way is to press the aim button and it will lock-on to a nearby enemy and after that you can start shooting. Deadpool can even run backwards and still be shooting his enemies without even looking, but your guns do not have infinite ammo so you if you run out then kill your enemies or look around to find more ammo. Also you can switch the camera sides to the left or right. The game also has combos for both air and grounded attacks that can be chained by using light and heavy attacks also you can add a gun shot in to the combo. You can also teleport to safety when in danger and you can counter incoming attacks(not all) when prompt and can do combos after. When taking damage and you want to recover health then you must hide somewhere or take cover and eventually Deadpool will start recovering health. The game also includes exploration, plat forming, puzzles, minigames, parodies, boss fights, stealth, X-men cameos, and upgrades.

Bad: The 3rd person shooter camera doesn’t suit this game as you will have to constantly move the camera when slashing since the camera doesn’t rotate when the character moves. And on the last part of level 5 and going through the last 2 levels the game gets boring as all of the excitement that was in the beginning goes away.

Overall: Deadpool the game is funny, weird, and a fun game for the most part except near the ending. This game is definitely worth playing for the comedy and action. But I would like to see the camera change.

Likes: Graphics, voices, game play, story, and music.

Dislikes: camera and the levels near the ending.

Wish list: Different graphic style, better camera, improve levels.


Recommended for fans of: Deadpool, comedy, action, beat em ups, shooters, Marvel, parodies, Disney, Activision, and High moon.


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