Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3(Desperate Escape only on Xbox 360/PS3)

Game Supports Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English text.

Audio Support Bilingual(some English and some Afrikaans)

Supports 1-2 coop offline and online.

Story: Chris Redfield is sent to Africa to team up with Sheva Alomar to arrest Irving who is trying to sell bio-weapons to the black-market, but they must first survive against the villagers. In Desperate Escape Josh and a old friend must go and find Chris and Sheva while fighting the remaining villagers.

Good or Bad Story?: RE5’s main story is really good, but in Desperate Escape there isn’t much story do to the fact as its only an escape and it’s not a bad thing as you will know where it leads. GOOD!

Graphics: RE5 came out in early 2009 and playing it in 2013 the game is still 1 of the best looking games I ever played. Everything is highly detailed from the menus to the characters. However in my 3rd play through there was a bit of screen tearing although its barely noticeable.

Audio: The voice acting is really good, but I would have liked if the characters could speak more languages. And the music is really good from the tense moments to the game’s final theme.

Game play:

Good: RE5 is a 3rd person action survival shooter where you shoot/knife, punch/kick, share items, and solve puzzles. You can shoot/knife enemies in any part of the body and hitting certain body parts can deal more damage and allow you to perform melee attacks. The inventory contains 9 slots for both characters, if you play with a AI partner then you have full control of what your partner can carry, but not when playing with a friend. The inventory allows for sharing items between both characters and allow for shortcuts on the d-pad by placing items on the top, bottom, and left to right of the center slot. And when exiting or beating a chapter the game will allow you to remove and add items before the next chapter begins. Even though it’s not perfect I got used to it. The puzzles are mostly simple except 1, some can be done by 1 player, but some require both players. The game also has some QTEs and they add more of a interaction to some cut scenes and during fights they can help you avoid damage. There are also boss fights, unlocks, a on-screen map which can be turned on or off, a cover system depending on which level(s) your playing on and it works really well, movie browser, explore to find rare items, ammo, healing items, and guns with all items can be sold as well as guns can be bought and upgraded, and on each loading screen there is a history of RE to refresh your memory of the series. Through the game you will always have a partner and your partner will help when you are in danger as well you can give him/her orders to go guns blazing or be more defensive and if you can’t see your partner with the press of a button you can track him/her. The AI for your partner is good, but it’s better to play with a friend. Desperate Escape play’s like the main game except you only fight minions so no boss fights and no puzzles, but it is really fun to play. RE5 has 2 types of controls the classic controls which reminiscence RE4’s controls and the shooter controls which feels like other 3rd person and FPS games. The movement and camera controls for type 1are the same as RE4 as your character can move up, walk backwards, and turn to the left and right and the camera can be moved up, down, and left to right. In type 2 your character can move up, walk backwards, and side step to the left and right and the camera allows you to look up and down, but when moving it to the left and right it turns the character in that direction, but if you hold the run button then the movement in type 2 will change to type 1’s movement. So both of RE5’s controls work and feel really good. Note Desperate Escape must be beaten in 1 play through and you must beat the game once to play the Sheva and Josh’s partner and the vest takes inventory space.

Bad: The AI for your partner can be clumsy at times.

Overall: RE5 is 1 of my favorite games of this console generation and also its 1 of the best RE games I played. Playing it again reminded me how fun the game is. Desperate Escape is just as fun as the main game and could have been its own XBLA game. The game is not scary, but does it make it a bad thing? No cause the game ended up being very fun. While your partner can be clumsy at times he/she does help you a lot and the best way to play is coop. A must have.

Likes: Graphics, voices, music, game play, puzzles, coop, unlocks, story, boss fights, inventory, partner.

Dislikes: Clumsy AI at times.

Questionable: Why does the vest take inventory space?

Wish list: More audio options.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: RE, action, survival, QTEs, puzzles, Capcom, coop, bro-ops.


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