Platforms: Xbox 360

Game Supports English text only

Supports 1-2 coop offline and online

Story: Destroy the enemies defenses.

Good or Bad Story?: That’s all there is to a story in the game since it doesn’t focus on 1. NOT IMPORTANT!

Graphics: Raiden Fighters Aces looks like a SNES game and looks really good. The 3 games included have graphic filter options that allow the player to change the look of the game and change the screen size.

Audio: All 3 games have really good music for each of the levels you play through and the main menu.

Game play:

Good: Raiden Fighters Aces is a 2d shooter where you blast enemies to get powers-up and try to get to the boss at the end of each stage. You have a good selection of jets to play with on all 3 games with #3 having a playable rat that can fly which freaking amazing. You can play arcade, score, and training modes both offline and online. The game also empowers the player with the ability to select which order to play each level in 1 &2 as well as how many continues, and changing the difficulty can result in maybe just fighting bosses or go through each stage and then fight the bosses. In #3 the levels select works different as that game has a smart computer that will select levels based on how well you do in each level like if you do bad then the game will select easier levels, but if you do good then you will play harder levels.

Bad: ?

Overall: Raiden Fighters Aces is a really good collection that contains the first 3 games in the series. It empowers the player with many options of play which not many games do. This is a must have collection.

Likes: Music, game play, coop, and graphics.

Dislikes: ?

Wish list: Sequels.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Shooters, jets, arcade, rats, coop, bro-ops.


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