Platforms: Xbox 360/PC

Game supports English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, and German text.

Audio support: English only and Bilingual(English and some Japanese)

Played the game in Bilingual.
Story: In 2015, a small village was attacked by unknown creatures and the survivors were moved to a research facility where they underwent examination. While at the research facility, the survivors began to show symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis it was found out they are infected by a strange type of hookworm parasite, which was classified as “Alpha-worm”. Conventional medicine had no effects on the patients and the worms deformed the victims, but the infection increased the strength and resilience of the people infected. The infected eventually broke free and attacked the researchers and, due to a fear of an outbreak, the military assaulted the facility and destroyed all traces of the infected. To prevent panic, governments of the world kept the Alpha-worms secret. The G.U.I.D.E (Global United Infestation Detection and Elimination) force was formed by Agent Michael Wilson, recruiting elite operatives from around the world. Eventually, after a massive outbreak of Alpha-worm infestation takes over the city of Tokyo, an elite ninja team including the young Ken Ogawa, and led by his father Kanbe, is sent to deal with the situation.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is well done and the dialog that comes from the characters is well written it makes it feel like it should be a movie. GOOD!

Graphics: This game was released in 2009 and playing it in 2013 it still looks really good. The game has good character design and levels, but only the main character is the part of the cast I wished looked better cause he looks average at best, but luckily his costume can be changed to different colors which helps make him not look average.

Audio: Music is not bad it has the feel of an action movie. The voiceover options are strange. The reason is you have 2 options 1. English only and 2. Bilingual? We all know what bilingual is, but I find that odd cause most of the characters will speak English, but some will speak Japanese only or at times some of the dialog will be in Japanese while the rest is English. Why couldn’t they include a full Japanese dub along with other dubs. But I still like it.

Game play:

Good: Ninja Blade is a hack and slash action game that doesn’t take too long to get in to the action. You start with 1 weapon and get more later on with each having combos and a finisher. There is even a ninja vision that slows down time. A ninja run that allows the character to move faster. The game allows you to explore the levels to find power-ups to upgrade you health and ninja vision meter and even some unlockables. The game has plenty of boss fights. It also has plenty of QTEs. The QTEs add a bit more sense of interaction to the game from avoiding damage to deal a free hit to a boss.

Bad: I experienced a few frame drops. At half-way through the 1st level I experienced a glitch that kept a QTE from appearing causing me not to move on to the next part of the level. It happened a lot in that 1 part, but it went away when I restarted the game. Another issue I found was in the boss fights not all but some. On every boss the game auto locks the camera to the boss, but on some the camera would pull itself far away to the point where I couldn’t tell if got close to the boss to land a hit or when a boss launched a fireball kind of attack I couldn’t tell if it was very close to parry it or still a bit far from the character. And 1 last thing I didn’t like when playing was the save system. The save system is the same as dmc1-4 where if you save at any point in game like half-way to a level and then decide to go back to the dashboard to play the game later, when you load the game again the game will make you start from the beginning of the level not at the part where you left off. This will also not save any upgrades and orbs you collected meaning you will have to regain your orbs and upgrades again. I would have liked a checkpoint system implemented.

Overall: The story kept me interested from the start all the way to the end. The game play is satisfying even though there are few frame drops. The voice acting is really good. The camera could have been better in some boss fights. But the game is really good despite having some flaws.

Likes: combat, unlockables, color switching the costume. voice acting, boss fights, exploration, story, QTE.

Major Dislikes: Camera in some boss fights, annoying glitch, save system

Minor dislikes: Main character design.

Wish list: new entry in the series, better camera, better save system.


Recommended for fans of: action, adventure, ninjas, tmnt, and from software.


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