Black Dragon(BLACK TIGER)

Platforms: Xbox 360/PS3

Game supports English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.

Story: Move through a dungeon to reach a castle and kill the dragon.

Good or Bad Story?: Its basic and easy to know what will happen at the end. GOOD!

Graphics: The graphics are 8-bit since this game came out in the 80’s, but it still looks good today. However the graphics can be adjusted to make the game look closer to what arcade games looked like on a arcade cabinet in the past like adding scan lines or changing the size of the screen. There is even an option to change the wallpaper in the background with some that are unlocked by doing things in the game.

Audio: Music sounds like it was taken from a cartoonish horror film or from Scooby doo. It’s really good theme that goes well when playing this game.

Game play:

Good: It is a challenging game where you must avoid damage or you will have a hard time beating the game. Has additional modes for play. You can use your mace that has long reach and throws projectiles or use your magic that causes more damage but you lose health to use it. Upgrades are available only when a certain old man on each stage is rescued who will offer you more armor, keys to unlock chest, weapon upgrades, or more life which you can use your point to purchase. There are secret dungeons and boss fights on each level.

Bad: The jumping is clunky. You may fall and lose a life or may have a hard time jumping to another platform above you. Jumping is very important since that is how you will reach the end of a stage and get to fight the boss, it’s very unfortunate that it’s not really good.

Overall: The game is challenging with more modes that will give you more ways to play with a great theme, but the jump that the character has is not great especially when it’s important to the game.

Note the game is free when downloading Capcom arcade cabinet on PSN and XBLA, the only difference is the PSN version gives you unlimited credits while the xbla version gives you 3 unless you buy the discounted pack1.

Likes: Combat, graphics, music, power-ups, and more modes.

Dislikes: Clunky jump.

Wish list: Better jump, sequel.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Adventure,  old school gamers, ghosts and goblins, capcom, gamers who want a challenge from an old game.


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