Platforms: Xbox 360/PS3

Game supports English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.

Supports 1-2p coop local and online

Story: Shao Khan look-a-like has taken some women hostage and it’s up to you to kick/punch your way to save the girls and get rid of the bad guy for good.

Good or Bad Story?: Its really basic but it’s not important at all to these kind of games(beat-em ups) and that’s not a bad thing since you won’t play for the story. NOT IMPORTANT!

Graphics: The graphics are 8-bit since this game came out in the 80’s, but it still looks good today. However the graphics can be adjusted to make the game look closer to what arcade games looked like on a arcade cabinet in the past like adding scan lines or changing the size of the screen. There is even an option to change the wallpaper in the background with some that are unlocked by doing things in the game.

Audio: The music is not bad and fits the game well. It seems to be jazz music.

Game play:

Good:  This game is challenging(difficulty can be changed) and is viewed from a bird’s eye view and this allows for a smoother way to control the character’s movements for a kind-of pre-3d experience. You can punch and kick your foes along with using a special move that will lower your health, but helps you stay clear of too many enemies coming at you. Along the way you can destroy some blue trashcans that will hold power-ups that can aid you in battle. There are secret areas hidden in the game and a boss fight at the end of each level and additional modes.

Bad: While I found things I like there are things I don’t like. The punches that the character does are not really great using on bosses and are only good on minions; however, this makes you want to use the kick button for the majority since it does a better job at beating every enemy you fight. Another thing the character can get stuck in some fights like the 2nd boss fight, where I tried to attack the boss and eventually the character stayed attach to the boss and allowed him to beat me up since the character can’t do anything at that moment. And once you lose all your lives that come with 1 credit against a boss and decide to continue the boss fight the game will make you start not at the fight with the boss but around half-way the level or so before the boss fight. I would have liked if the game would have allowed me to respawn at the boss fight and not having to fight my way again to reach the boss at the end of a level.

Overall: I really enjoyed this different style of a beat-em up and what it offers, but would have wished that something’s like the respawning system was better.

Likes: Combat, graphics, music, power-ups, and more modes.

Dislikes: Punches are not that great, being stuck to an enemy, checkpoints.

Wish list: Better checkpoints, sequel, make punches better.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Beat-em ups, fighting games, old school gamers, coop, broops,  capcom.


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