Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and German text.

Audio support English only.

Story: Taking place after MGS4, Raiden is on a mission to protect Obama’s dad in Africa, but ends up failing the mission and loses an arm and eye. Then later he gets a new body that he will you use to fight those responsible for the death of Obama’s dad and try to uncover their motives.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is serious at times and it’s also cheesy.  It gives it the quality of a action movie when watching those cut scenes(those with fights in them). But the Cutscenes aren’t the only way to get more story through the game, at anytime during game play you can talk with Raiden’s friends who give you more Intel on the story and back story of characters in the game. GOOD!

Graphics: Running on the same engine as every other Platinum game, MGR looks very good when playing and when watching the cutscenes. It is also the best looking game running on their engine.

Audio: Good dialog, voice acting, and the best part the music which is 1 of the best ever put in a action game. Would have liked if they included the Japanese voices since it exist.

Game play:

Good: This game has some of the best combat ever, you start a badass and can be become more badass by leveling up Raiden in many categories. The combat is very similar to Ninja blade and in way MGR is the successor to that game, but faster and epic. You can cut about everything in the game except cats cause they are gods, using any attack and blade mode which slows time can reveal an enemies weak spot and attacking that weak spot can give Raiden health and refill the energy for blade mode. There is also stealth in this game and it’s implemented well although you don’t have to use it if you don’t want. And some of the best fights(including bosses) ever in a action game. Note if you go to the customize menu after destroying objects in the game in each level, after you exit customize menu it will reset the objects.

Bad: The camera has issues when there are many enemies on screen causing it to not keep track of Raiden. The lock-on could be better if it could stay locked on a enemy when getting hit at times. Parrying in this game is mapped to the light attack and to perform this function you must move the left stick in a direction when pressing the light attack button to parry, but this causes an issue where Raiden may just do an attack when trying to parry, it should have been mapped to a different button. There are some minor issues as well, at times destroyable objects that you cut disappear when you try to slice it more. And the frame rate dropped a bit in a fight.

Note if you bought the MGS4 Raiden suit to use it in the game you must pay with battle points just to use it so its 2 payments.

Overall: This is another really good game of 2013 even with its issues this is the second game to refresh my excitement in video games. A must have game of 2013.

Likes: game play, music, story, voice acting, graphics.

Major Dislikes: camera, lock-on, parry button is the same button as the light attack button.

Minor dislikes: objects disappear, frame rate.

Wish list: Sequel, better lock-on, better camera, parry button, and more voice audio options.

Score: 4.5/5 REALLY GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, MG, ninjas, tmnt, transformers, GI Joe, DMC, Konami, Platinum.


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