Platforms: Xbox 360/PC/PS3

Game supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German text.

Audio support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Supports 1 player offline and 2p coop online

Played in French.

Played the 1st five levels in Coop while the rest was done alone.

Story: Isaac is back to save humanity. A new villain Danik wants to “cleanse” humanity and does that by causing  the Necromorphs to rise back up and Isaac with John have to stop him from doing it again. Awakening is a dlc that will give you a new ending to the main game.

Good or Bad Story: The main story is done well although I prefer 2s story more, but Awakening’s story is more similar to 2s than 3 which makes me prefer Awakening’s story more. You get story telling through cut scenes, radios, and communicating over the airwave radios. If you play Coop then you get a bit extra story dialog with John, but it doesn’t really add much, I would have liked if it was included when playing alone. GOOD!

Graphics: Have not change much since 2, but still looks amazing. The graphics make the game feel like a movie when playing and watching the cut scenes.

Audio: The French voice acting is top quality. The themes in the game are perfect when it comes to some of the creepy environments. And the credits have a really good theme too.

Game play:

Good: The game is a 3rd person shooter that includes some action and some horror but the only time I got scared was when the monsters surprised me and also the game requires the player to explore the environments to find items and other stuff. The mechanics work very well especially since they mostly remain unchanged from the previous games from shooting to using kinesis and to solve puzzles. Boss fights while few are really great to have. The game includes missions that are for the story to continue and side missions that can help you get more items, but some side missions will only open if you play Coop which is a great feature and the best way to play is coop. Also the game will play mind games with you and by that it means you might see things that are not there and will feel real. And the best part of this game is the ability to create weapons that you want.

Bad: There is a minor issue and that is the checkpoint system when playing Coop. If your partner leaves at anytime you will restart from your previous checkpoint. This can be fixed as long as you play with a friend.

Overall: DS3 does not have to be very scary to enjoy in my opinion and it does not bother me cause the most important thing in any game is to have fun. This game should definitely be played with a friend especially in later levels in the game. This is a must have game of 2013.

Likes: Graphics, game play, voice acting, themes, coop, weapon creation, boss fights, story, and horror.

Dislikes: checkpoint system when partner leaves game.

Wish list: John’s part in the story should have been part of the single player, DS4, better dropout coop system.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: dead space, horror, action, movies, EA, coop, bro-ops.


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