Game Supports Bilingual( some Japanese and English) text.

Audio Japanese only.

Supports 1-2p coop local.

Story: The travel story of Reko a goddess and Palm a boy riding a dragon.

Good or Bad Story: The game doesn’t give you a story when playing except an ending. It’s not important to these types of games.

Graphics: The game looks like an SNES game, but it doesn’t look bad. You can change the wallpaper to any which are available. Also you can stretch the image of the screen and add some additional lighting.

Audio: There is a bit of voice acting, but there is a lot of good themes in the game that pumps you up.

Game play:

Good: This game is played from a birds eye of view and is hard due to the fact that lots of enemies get thrown at you at once. You shoot and bomb your enemies, with upgrades available like power-ups, extra lives, and bombs that come from destroying enemies. You must avoid enemy attacks to survive and there are boss fights at the middle and ending of each level. Additional modes for play are available.

Bad: There is no online play.

Overall: This is a really good shooter that is definitely for those who love the arcades.

Likes: Graphics, music, game play.

Dislikes: no online play.

Wish list: Sequel, online play.

Score: 5/5 Awesome

Recommended for fans of: shooters, old school gamers, coop, bro-ops, Cave.


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