Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, & Portuguese text.

Audio Support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, & German.

Played in Italian.

Story: Booker(not Booker T the wrestler) DeWitt has to pay off a debt and to do so he must go to Columbia and find Elisabeth if he wants no more debt.

Good or Bad Story: The everything in this game in some way has a story from the characters to pictures and even the city. There are twist and turns that just come as a surprise and includes themes that were a major part of American history. This is 1 of the best stories in games. GOOD.

Graphics: Of all the games that run on Unreal 3 this is the best looking game that runs on the engine and is the best looking game this year yet. Everything is highly detailed from the level designs to the characters to the guns. The art of the game looks like it was made by Disney and it is like a homage to classic Disney films.

Audio: The music is very classy it’s not bad, but I’m just not a fan of classy music. The Italian voice acting is 1 of the best in the game and gives the game feel of how people might have talked or did in the early 1900’s.

Game play:

Good: The game doesn’t start with action early on as it wants you to explore the city a bit before anything related to the plot occurs and that’s a good thing cause you can start the missions whenever you want and be able to acquire some items by exploring city. The game is a FPS, but you don’t just use guns. You have super powers which are called Vigors which you get by drinking a certain kind of beverage. The player also gets access to the skyline which is the coolest mechanic in the game as not only can it be used as a weapon on enemies and do finishers on them, it is also the means of travel in many areas of the game and it’s just freaking cool. The game allows for upgrades on guns, powers, and your meters for shield, health, and power meter. Also Elisabeth is very helpful as she will find items to help you out in combat. Note some citizens can be attacked by you.

Bad: If you get lost you can press a button to show you a arrow that can guide you to your destination, but the arrows can be dumb at times and make you go in circles. There is some backtracking that makes the player go back to 1 area to do one thing to then go back to the previous area they were at and get a message that the player will have to go to another part of the area just to do another thing and return again to the original destination to finally gain access to your the next destination. It doesn’t happen a lot but I found that it gets really annoying and boring. And at last the firefights while good early on eventually lose their appeal to the point where the game just makes me want to quit playing, I would have liked it to be better than just shooting the same enemies over and over, like having boss fights near the ending of each stage.

Overall: Infinite has 1 of the best stories in games, but I rather watch the story be unfold  then play the game myself.

Likes: Graphics, voice acting, exploring, powers, skyline, story, helpful partner, upgrades, attacking citizens, finishers.

Dislikes: Guided arrows being dumb at times, backtracking, music, fights.

Wish list: better fights, no backtracking, better guide arrows.

Score: 4/5 Good

Recommended for fans of: Action, adventure, Disney, Bioshock, shooters, Take-2, Irrational, super powers.


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