Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: English & Japanese.

Played in Japanese.

Support 1-2 local versus.

Story: Skillful warriors are out to obtain Soul Edge in order to save their homes, use it for evil, or whatever they want to do with it.

Good or Bad Story?: The game has 2 story modes. 1 is playing arcade mode with each character to fight their rival to fight the boss and get an ending of what the fighters do when they get the sword. The second is playing Weapon Master where the character you select must complete missions to get closer to obtain Soul Edge. Of the 2 Weapon Master is the most interesting cause it gives a well written story of your characters journey through both the main story and sub missions. GOOD!

Graphics: This game came out in 2003 on all major platforms and was a really good looking game, but how does the graphics compare today? The game actually still looks really good even when sequels have been made for the franchise. From the characters to the menus and to the environments nothing looks dated which impresses me.

Audio: The game includes both Japanese and English voice acting. All the characters that speak can be set to both languages, but would have liked more language option and yes both Spawn and Heihachi speak Japanese and English. I prefer the Japanese audio as the English voices are mostly cheesy for the characters. The music for each stage is some of the best in a fighting game to date and the character select screen has 1 of the best themes ever.

Game play:

Good: Soulcaliber 2 is a weapon based 3d fighter that is simple to learn but hard to master. You can slash, kick, guard, parry, sidestep, get thrown out of the arenas, push enemies in to the walls, jump, throw, launch enemies in the air, combo, and T-bag. Some arenas allow for both ring outs and pushing your opponent to a the wall for extra damage, while some have hazards like strong wind and stepping at sides that can cause damage. The combat includes a combo system similar to Tekken where attacks connect to form a combo like A A B equals a new move, also there are some moves that require motion inputs like Street Fighter and you can give your character a boost in power with the soul charge. Now this game has plenty of modes for play including, arcade, team battle, survival, time attack, training, weapon master, versus, and extra versions of almost all the game modes except weapon master. Through playing you can unlock new content mostly by playing weapon master where you get points for each fight completed, you can unlock costumes, characters, new weapons, more modes, battle theaters, stages, and art. The weapons you get will change the characters balance like guard and attack also these weapons are meant for the new modes you unlock which are the extra versions of existing modes. And in Weapon Master some levels have a certain challenge that you must complete to move on and can unlock some items for free if completed which will raising your level and depending on the level things can be unlocked.

Bad: Besides the English voices the game doesn’t support widescreen on the Xbox version so when playing on a HDTV the game will be in 4:3 it’s not a big issue as I got used to it.

Difference: The console versions include more modes, 5 new characters(Necrid, Lizard man, Assassin, Berserker, and 1 guest star for each console), and a additional story mode not found in the arcade version.

Overall: Soulcaliber 2 is a fighter that offer a lot content compared to today’s fighters and would like a rerelease. This is my favorite and what I consider to be the best game in the Soulcaliber series. The only issues which are minor are no widescreen for Xbox and the English voices.

Likes: Graphics, story, unlocks, music, game play, Japanese voices, modes, stage hazards.

Dislikes: English voices, no widescreen.

Wish list: rerelease with online play and widescreen, additional voice options.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended to fans of: fighters, soulcaliber, Namco, Spawn, Zelda, Tekken.


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