Game Supports: English text only.

Audio Support: Bilingual(some English and some Spanish).

Supports 1 player only.

Story:(Main story) Leon is sent to a village in Spain to rescue Ashley from her kidnappers, but he must survive first if Ashley has any hope to get back home. (Separate Ways) Ada is sent to Spain and must retrieve the sample from the same group who captured Ashley, but she has to survive first just to get it and maybe help Leon with a kiss.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is really good as it makes you want to find out what will happen next. While you can get story from cut scenes there are files available that will give you more insight on some characters. GOOD!

Graphics: RE4 came out in early 2005 on the GC and was the best looking game on that console eventually it got ported to other consoles and still looked good, but does it look good compared to other game released on the current consoles? The answer is yes. RE4 is still 1 of the best looking game I ever played and is still 1 of the best looking games to this date even with new games from the series. However there is 1 short cut scene that is not rendered well in the HD versions.

Audio: The voice acting is really good. Some characters speak English and some Spanish while that is good I would have liked more dubs and a full English and Spanish dub. Music is well done with some made for the action parts and some made for the horror parts. There is a bit of music that doesn’t sync well in 2 cut scenes in the HD versions.

Game play:

Good: RE4 is a 3rd person shooter that includes action, survival, and horror. Aiming is done over the shoulder and you can shoot(or knife) any part of the body of your enemies with some you have to hit in a certain area just to do damage. You must protect Ashley when playing as Leon as if she dies or gets taken by the bad guys then you lose. Throughout the game you can find items in boxes or in the open field to aid you in combat, sell, or heal you. There are QTE in cut scenes and fights where you must press buttons to avoid damage and to continue some cut scenes. Throughout the game you will come across a merchant who will sell you weapons and upgrades as well as allowing you to sell items to him, but if you shoot him then he will not appear in that area again.  The game also has puzzles which are simple, scares, boss fights, a movie browser for both stories, and unlock able modes that will give you more play time along with costumes. And the last thing you can change the controls to 1 of 2 types.

Bad: A minor that can also be a big issue(depends) is you can’t transfer items and upgrades acquired from normal and transfer them to professional mode and vice-versa.

Differences between Leon and Ada:

Leon can upgrade all of his weapons except 4, use different costumes, must protect Ashley, and can get more weapons.

Ada takes more damage, can upgrade only the weapons she buys from the merchant except 1, has no alternate costumes for her story, no one to protect, and has a hook line.

Differences between RE4 on different platforms:

The GC version has only Leon’s Story, unlock able modes, and costumes.

The PS2 version has all of the GC content plus 16:9 widescreen, Ada Story mode, new weapon, new costume, and movie browser.

The PC version has all of the PS2 content, plus better visuals and mouse and keyboard support.

The Wii version has all of the PS2 content plus a trailer for RE Umbrella Chronicles, enhances the game with the use of the Wiimote which includes better aiming, swing the Wiimote to do a quick knife swipe,  and progressive scan mode.

The 360 and PS3 version have all of the PS2 content plus leader boards, 2 control schemes, and achievements/trophies.

Overall: Of all the games I have played RE4 is the only game I have played so many times that I have memorized how to beat the game’s story modes. While the first time it was scary it eventually became un-scary do to playing it a lot, but does not being scared make it less fun? No it can be scary if it wants, but the most important part is having fun. RE4 was the evolution to the RE series and is still 1 of my favorite and best games. This is a must have game.

Likes: Graphics, voices, game play, QTE, unlocks, Story, scares, boss fights, upgrades, puzzles.

Dislikes(minor): Can’t transfer upgrades and items to a different difficulty.

Wish list: Bringing the merchant back in to future RE games.

Score: 5/5 AWESOME!

Recommended for fans of: Action, survival, horror, RE, Capcom, shooters, QTE.


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