Game Supports: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polski and German text.

Audio Support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, & German.

Played in Spanish.

Support 1-2 local coop and versus modes, 1-4 online coop and 1-12 versus modes.

Story: The marines pick up a signal from Hicks that comes from the Sulaco a ship that for some reason is in orbit over LV-426. You play as Winter a colonial marine who must find out why the Sulaco is in orbit while trying to survive when he arrives on the ship.

Good or Bad Story?: The story is forgettable from beginning to end. BAD!

Graphics: The graphics are good, but there are other games that run on Unreal 3 that look better than this. There is screen tearing during cut scenes and some bad texture loading.

Audio: The voice acting in Spanish is really good and the music is really good. However some of the machine guns sound terrible when firing.

Game play:

Good: The game is a fps and can be played with 4 players online for the story mode and you have to think in this game to survive and not just go guns blazing or you will die a lot. You fight both human and xenomorphs(who move like their dancing) using your array of guns that you collect including weapons from some of the actors from the movies. You have a flashlight for use when in the dark and a radar that can detect enemy movement at all times. There is a stealth level that caused some good scares(later levels also had scares), plenty of firefights, and there are some boss fights. While moving around the levels you might find some computers that have audio reports that can give you more insight about someone or something, you also will find health packs to recover health, ammo, and helmets to recover armor. Everything you collect and fight will level up your character and give you points to customize your guns and for multiplayer change the appearances of your soldiers and playable xenomorphs. And 1 of the best things is allowing the player to map any action to any button.

Bad: The elevator machine controls very bad for both moving and fighting a enemies. Certain weapons that you find are meant for 1 use will disappear if you switch to another weapon making you have to backtrack to get it back and there are a few glitches that prevented me from moving back to get items in later levels. In later levels the checkpoints become bad along with the AI for your teammates who don’t really help you when you’re dying or low on health. And your armor is very bad as it can go down at times with 1 hit.

Overall: WTF happened? I found Aliens to be a very fun game cause you get to fight xenomorphs and not just humans like in most shooters, but has some issues and certain features that could be improved.

Likes: Graphics, music, voice acting, coop, weapon custom, changing the marines and the xenos appearance, the way the xenos move, boss fights, radar, custom controls, flashlight, stealth, scares, reports, rare guns.

Dislikes: Texture loading, elevator machine, checkpoints, screen tearing, ai for teammates, weapons disappearing, armor, some glitches, story.

Wish list: Better character customs like taking less damage, better checkpoints, better AI for teammates, better armor, better story, and a sequel call it Aliens Colonial Wolverines with Wolverine being playable.

Score: 4/5 GOOD!

Recommended for fans of: Aliens, shooters, horror, action, coop.


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